Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Tricks Screening

I am a day late with this because I was not feeling well yesterday. Okay, here's what went down:

Several of the cast were there, like this guy named DeMarco, Christian B. for the group FreeSol, and of course, Deneka Lashea, who played the main prostitute Donna. Her sister, DeAara Lewis, the film's director and producer and also a star of the film, was there. As was the line producer Ladonna, Colette, and other cast members like April Hale, and of course, the Director of Photography and Associate Producer Rod Pitts.

The film was awesome!!! The character of Jean, an older prostitute, got the most laughs. Jon Sparks ( is excellent as a crooked police chief. Al Lewis (DeAara's father) is excellent as the mayor. DeAara got applause for a particularly emotional scene between her and her character's boyfriend. I also got laughs for my scene as Chester. Chester tries to convince Jean to "make it clap". If you don't know what that means, you've got to see the movie. Kim Skipper (What Goes Around, Just the Two or Us) also gave a brilliant performance. Shout out to DeAara and Deneka's younger brother Guido for composing the music during my scene. It is appropriately titled "Chester's Lap Dance". The movie got a standing ovation. Also, all the cast came up and stood in front of everybody for a brief Q&A session. Later, Raven got our thoughts and reactions on camera. Nia another member of the crew, kept saying that "Rod Pitts gets too much free publicity"because he is the top friend on several people's Myspace (myself included). I responded back, "but he's kind and giving". Nia then said "What the @### are you, an elf?!" It was funny. Afterwards, Rod and I went to the Perkins on Poplar for our traditonal post-screening meal. Our cute waitress (Angelina) was very friendly. She even gave me some pancakes that were accidentally made. I shouldn't have eaten so heavy that late at night, but I did. And i felt heavy the next morning.

All the joking around outside and the late night contributed to me feeling sick yesterday. It was worth it and I made it through the workday. Congrats to Rod and DeAara. Pittstop Productions and Drama Queen Entertainment have done it big!!! I encourage everyone in the Memphis area to see the next screening of Tricks and The Forgotten Ones, DeAara's first film. It will be happening soon. Oh, yeah, shout out to Deneka's son, TJ, who performed the rap song that is heard over the closing credits. I believe it is called "Trickin". It was a very hot song!! I am eagerly looking forward to the next projects from these two talented filmmakers, especially since I don't have any official roles coming up (Hint, hint). Be easy, readers!!!


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