Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up: The Indie Memphis Film Fest '07 Edition


I got off work, and headed to the pre-party at the Memphis Heritage on Edgewood. I ran into Rod Pitts (, DeAara Lewis (director, Tricks), and others, including former America's Next Top Model contestant YaYa Dacosta. She was in Honeydripper, John Sayles' film that was opening the Indie Memphis Film Festival. It was an interesting, star-studded film: Lisa Gay Hamilton, Danny Glover, Charles S. Dutton, Stacy Keach, and even Kel Mitchell. It should be in theatres soon.
After that, there was an afterparty at the home of Chris McCoy and Laura Hocking-McCoy, the founders of Oddly Buoyant Productions. It was cool, I enjoyed myself and I tried to network. DeAara's sister, Deneka, talked me into dancing a little bit. It was captured on camera.
Rod and I left and began our quest to find a Friday paper. In the Playbook pullout section, they did articles about Indie Memphis and showed a photo from Tricks. We went to to Playbook holders: One at Buster's Liquor, and the other at Newby's. They had last week's Playbook. We went farther down on Highland to the Circle K, and we were victorious. So I would have enough money to use my debit card, I bought two Gatorades. I tried to give Rod the one that I didn't want, and he asked me about the other one. He finally took the blue one, and I got to keep my Lime. Just like old times.


I went to the Awards Ceremony for Indie Memphis. Shout out to Team Picture, which won Best Narrative Feature in the Hometowner category. Shout out to Angel Ortez, whose short First Amendment: Canceled also won an award.
After that, Rod, Keenon Nikita, The Lewis Clan, and myself all went to Applebees to eat. Rod, DeAara, Deneka, and DeAara's boyfriend Danny all watched the Music Video Showcase. I kinda wanted to, but I knew that meant enduring a few materialistic rap videos. I am NOT a big fan of those videos.
I went to Jordan's Karaoke Bar and Grill and sang a few songs. Good times, people, good times.


I went to the shorts program that began at noon. I was in a short that was directed by Jon Sparks ( entitled Happy Artistic Freedom Day. It got a good reception.

Then, I attended a seminar about distribution. It was interesting. I ran into DeAara and Danny and Kim Skipper (Just the Two of Us, What Goes Around). The seminar was very informative.
Kim and I talked shop (acting and filmmaking) for a while after the seminar. I got some food and hung around until the next shorts program at 5:15 PM. I was in a short entitled No Shades of Gray. It was a fictional account of the feud between Wendi Thomas and Three Six Mafia set to music. Jon Sparks is a genius. My mom and Aunt Mary were there. My mom wants to do a film about life in the Delta. I told her to start off with a short. I think that she wants to do a documentary. I told her it has to be good. People know me, and her work will be a reflection of me. Wow, I got all parentlike on my mom. I'm lucky she didn't smack me. I will assist her and defintely get her the help she needs in preparing the short.

Later, I saw Team Picture. It was an interesting film followed by an interesting Q and A by the director Kentucker Audley. I was also an extra in the film. Oh, yeah, the opening short, Distortion, was suspenseful. Kudos to director Justin Gullett. Also, shout out to The Book of Noah. Their screening sold out. Shout out to fellow actor Pat because it was his first lead role. He was nervous, but I suppose I'll be that way when my time comes.

I also want to give props and shine the spotlight on two of my fellow actors. Jon "Sparky" Sparks has a very pivotal speaking role in Nothing But the Truth, the big-budget film currently shooting in Memphis. It looks like Sparky will soon join the ranks of the SAG-eligible. Getting a speaking role in a major production makes you eligible to join the Screen Actors Guild, or SAG. It's a little pricey, but it's very hard to find work in California without being SAG.

The other actor deserving of spotlight is Don Myers. He is a stand-in for Alan Alda on the set of Nothing But the Truth. I am very proud of Don.

Indie Memphis Film Fest continues until Thursday. Read about the movies that I am in below, and be easy, readers!!!

Plug Time!!!!

I am in two more movie tonight as part of the Indie Memphis Film Fest at Malco's Studio on The Square in Memphis

Studio on the Square's info:
2105 Court Street
Memphis, TN

Tonight's films:

A young doctor searches for answers in a woman who claims she is the only survivor in a plane crash that took the lives of over 200 people including her son. 2006.
Director: Rod Pitts, Hometowner
7 minutes
Filmmaker scheduled to attend.

Runs as a part of Shorts Program 4

Monday, October 22 7:40 PM
Thursday, October 25 1:05 PM

An urban tale of five prostitutes, their enterprising madam, and the struggles of each to not only survive, but thrive in a business that's deemed immoral andtaboo. 2007.
Director: DeAara Lewis, Hometowner
115 minutes

Monday, 9:55 p.m. and Tuesday, Oct. 23, 3:10 p.m.
Filmmaker scheduled to attend

Second showings of my other films:

Happy Artistic Freedom Day
Director; Jon Sparks
Running Time: 4 minutes

Runs as a part of Shorts Program 2

Time: Tuesday, October 22, 3:05 PM

No Shades of Gray
Musical interpretation of local columnist Wendi C. Thomas' opinions about local rap heros Three 6 Mafia.
Director: Jon Sparks, Hometowner
4 minutes.

Runs as a part of Shorts Program 3

Time: Wednesday, October 24 1:10 PM

Support me if you can.


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