Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Random Thoughts: The "Get it Off My Chest" Edition

1: One of my coworkers made this comment like, "How could David Hasselhoff go from Knight Rider to Baywatch"?! I looked at him like he stole the last piece of chicken at the family reunion. I let him know that first of all, Baywatch was translated into several languages and shown worldwide. Hasselhoff was a global pimp, in my eyes. Second of all, let's put Knight Rider in its proper place. I loved the show, and KITT ruled, but that was no Masterpiece Theater. That wasn't exactly a "fall from grace", maybe a stumble down a flight of stairs. Neither one of these shows are held in the same regard as the Royal Shakespeare Company or anything.

2: I have to get on my fellow Christians for a minute. What is up with pastors telling people not to cry at funerals?! I understand that the person is in a better place, but right then, I don't want to hear that!!! If my mom leaves this world before I do, NO ONE needs to tell me not to cry. That preacher, church member, whoever, might get hit in their mouth!!!! Lord forgive me, I know that's not Christian, but that ticks me off!!!

3: One more for the Christians. When you ask someone "How are you doing?", it is NOT a sin if they answer back "Okay" or "All right"!!! Christians get on my nerves with "Just okay"? or "Just all right"!!! Yes!!! That's not good or bad, it's medium, as in, in the middle!! Real talk, the next Christian to sweat me about this might get tackled!!!

4: So, Blu-Ray won the DVD battle, huh? I'm glad I waited. I know this opinion might not sound popular, but I don't really care about HD and all this crap. I still watch movies at the discount theater (Shout out to Bartlett 10). I don't HAVE to have digital. The only reason I want a new DVD player is because my old one will not play all DVD-Rs or DVD+Rs, which are commonly used for burning. I am getting a digital TV soon because they are making me. I will probably buy a Blu-Ray when they make me. Give me cool special features, some deleted scenes our outtakes, and I'm good. Digital is cool, but I could really live without it.

5: Be easy, readers!!!


At 2:51 PM, Blogger Melvis said...

Preach brother! Get it off your chest!


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