Monday, February 11, 2008

Sickness, No Appetite, and Lots of TV:The Weekend Wrap-Up


Left work early, sick. I think I pigged out too much on Super Bowl Sunday. Oreos, hot dogs, and most tasty foods are the bane of my existence. Got acquainted with the toilet bowl. Yes, I hurled, blew chunks, did the old technicolor yawn. Gross, I know. Of course, this is immediately accompanied by my brother's question: "Are you okay?" My only logical response: "I'm getting there." Needless to say, I fasted the rest of that day.


Still sick. Missed the February birthday celebration for my family. My big bro brought me some food back. He rules for doing that. Watched Hot Fuzz. There's a boatload of commentaries and special documentaries on the 3-disc edition.


Still sick. Hung out with my bro and his friends and watched the grammies. Glad to see Amy Winehouse win most of her categories. They even gave one of her producers (Mark Ronson) Producer of the Year, Non-Classical. On number of hits alone, it should've went to Timbaland. They gave Album of the Year to Herbie Hancock's tribute album for Joni Mitchell, River. My bro and his friends were shocked, but I wasn't. There are a lot of older people that vote for the Grammys. Herbie Hancock + Joni Mitchell=2 sacred cow. Wineshouse was robbed, though. Kanye gave a good performance.


I'm back at work. I am not 100%. Trying to suck it up. Pray for the sick man, people. Be easy, readers!!!


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