Monday, March 03, 2008

Movies, Birthdays, and Hoops, the Thursday-Sunday Wrap-Up


I saw an advance screening of The Bank Job. It starred Jason Statham (The Italian Job, The Transporter) ans some former English model named Saffron Burrows. It was well-written, and, as the name implies, it is about a bank heist, one of the most successful bank heists ever committed in England. This is one of the more decent scripts that I've seen Statham in. Shout out to Dedrick Bullard (Eat, Curbside Confessions), a local actor who also attended the screening. I hadn't seen him since last year.


I got off work, hung out at home, and read Entertainment Weekly. One wild night.


I got my hair cut, went to the Comics and Collecitbles, and geeked out for a few hours. Next, I went home and my bro and his friends watched the Tigers beat Southern Misissippi. It was a tough game, but the Tigers hung in there.

Next, I celebrated the birthdays of three of my friends: Nick Jones, Denna Greer, and Courtney Wright. I bought Courtney the latest CD by this soul singer named Ledisi (recently nominated for Best New Artist Grammy), I bought Nick the movie Rebound on DVD, and I bought Denna DVDs of Lost in Translation, Breakin, and Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo. Classic stuff, man!! We ate at Casa Mexicana on Hacks Cross. Shout out to Shomari, Terra, Jamaica, Donovan, and the rest of my crew. Afterwards, we watched Semi-Pro. It was okay. It wasn't as funny as Will Ferrell's other films, like Talladega Nights, but it did have some hilarious moments.


I hung out at home, where my bro, his friends, and I watched the Lakers beat the Mavericks in overtime. That was great!! Kobe Bryant is phenomenal!! We also watched the Tennessee Vols win in basketball (BOOO!).

Later, I went out, got some food, and watched Sweeney Todd at the discount Bartlett 10 theatre. It was good, but very gothic and graphic. Johnny Depp played the title character, a man who was run out of town by a corrupt judge that attacked his wife and stole their child. He comes back years later under a new name for revenge. Tim Burton directed it, so you know it was creepy. I don't think I'll be getting any shaves from barbers for awhile. That was a graphic, bloody movie. The music was good, though. That may be the most violent musical I've seen in my life.

Later, I went home and FINALLY finished watching the latest Shawn Michaels (WWE wrestler) DVD. I am now on my next Christmas gift, About a Boy. So far, it looks interesting. Be easy, readers!!!


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