Monday, May 19, 2008

Acting, Down Time, and Debates: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I finally acted again. I was in a film directed by my good buddy Anwar (not to be confused with my cousin). He and I used to work at the Ned McWherter Library on the University of Memphis campus years ago. We would always run into each other. He is a grad student in the U of M's film department, and he decided to make a film on his own. I play the character of Henny. Henny is a friend of a friend of Anwar's character. Henny comes up with the plan that basically gets Anwar's character and the character that plays his cousin out of trouble. Henny is a bit of a "boss", which was a welcome change of pace from the comic relief and horror victims that I have played in my brief career. I wrapped on Friday. One of the guys working behind the scenes was a member of Grip, a band that included my good friend Paul "P-Dub" West, an up-and-coming music producer. I had fun, and I was really sad when it was over.


I watched Saturday morning cartoons. The new Spider-Man show is awesome!!! I finally left home around 2:30. I went to Valvoline and got my oil changed, then I went to Quiznos. They have certain subs for $5. This is a very good thing. After that, I saw Baby Mama, the Tina Fey comedy. It was pretty funny. I just wasin't in the mood for the new Chronicles of Narnia film. I prefer to watch fantasy in the fall or winter. Blame Lord of the Rings. After that, I went to Jordan's. I did not stay for the karaoke, but I did get the all-you-can-eat catfish. I shouldn't have, but it was good!! I gave my pal David H. his b-day gift (his b-day was Thursday). It was a used copy of the DVD The Movie Hero . The movie is about a guy who thinks that he is in a movie and is always talking to his audience. Everyone thinks he's crazy. His therapist begins to fall in love with him and she begins to see the audience as well. I thought it was a clever film. After giving David the gift, I headed home. I was starting to get depressed. Frustration with my employment level, loneliness, and frustration with trying to chase my dream in this big town (Memphis) were getting to me. I distracted myself with TV.


I watched basketball and washed clothes until about 6:00. I picked up Bryan Newcomb and we went over my boy Shomari Gant's house and watched the latest WWE pay-per-view. The matches were boring, and I got into a debate about N-word usage and racial humor. I just don't like it. I still want to beat up Michael Richardson, Don Imus, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and I want to throw a rock at Sarah Silverman for her racial "humor". An African-American man defended Sarah Silverman. I told him he was lost. "P-Dub" was there, and he raised a good point. Dave Chapelle does racial jokes, and I like that. Okay, he got me on that one. I'm just tired of the "N" word and racial epithets being tossed around like confetti. Yes, I know that African-Americans are part of the problem, because we still use the "N" word.

Later, I went to the Vault on Highland for the Karaoke Smackdown. David H. was the KJ. Shout out to him, The Chris Haley, April Steele, Sean George,Nathan the bartender, Lauren and the rest of the regulars. Ironically, someone sang Dynamite Hack's "Boys in the Hood" cover that was originally sang by NWA (you know what the N stands for). Yes, they said the "N" word and yes they were White. However, once again, the song was originally written by African-Americans. The vicious cycle continues. There was a cute girl at the Vault who sang two songs very well. She was cute, and I was attracted to her, but she came with a guy. David H. said that it could be her brother. I said that with my luck, they would probably be engaged. David H. said that with my luck, they would be brother and sister, but she would be gay. That one hurt a little bit, but I had to laugh. I have been attracted to a few girls recently, only to find out that they "play for the other team". I laugh about it to make me feel better. I performed two songs last night: Prince's "Raspberry Beret" and Lupe Fiasco's "Superstar". It was my first time doing "Superstar", but I was okay. I had a pretty good time.

I don't really have any projects lined up, but I hope to enjoy the upcoming 3-day weekend. My friend Terrence and his girlfriend Jill are getting married, and I also have a few barbecues on the horizon. I will try to be good (no pig, little beef, little chicken). Be easy, readers!!!


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