Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Parties, Karaoke, and Family: The Memorial Day Edition of the Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work, watched a little Smackdown and chilled out.


I got my hair cut in the morning, went back home and took a nap, and later, I saw the new Indiana Jones. I liked the movie, I thought it was cool. Forget the critics. It's Indiana Jones, it's summertime, go see the darn movie!!!
Later, Mario Lindsey and I went over one of his friends' house. She was cool. She doesn't drink (like me), goes to church (like I should), and she doesn't seem to be a partier. Surprisingly, she's from St. Louis. Most people that I know from St. Louis I don't get along with. Go figure. After that, I went back home and chilled out.


I woke up early, but I left my phone on the charger in my room. That was a big mistake, because Rod Pitts called me at 8:54 AM. I didn't see the call and respond until about 9:20 AM. It turns out that people were looking for someone to replace an actor for some production. I think it might've been a paid acting gig. Rod said that since I didn't respond, he had to ask someone else. I will keep my cellphone with me at all times from now on.

Later, Bryan and I went to the wedding of our friend Terrance Young and his girlfriend Jill. Most of my close friends and wrestling crew were in attendance: Shomari Gant, Terra Hollis, "Angry" Nick Jones, Courtnery Wright, Jamaica, Mario, Paul "P-Dub" West, and Paul Briggs. Paul Briggs was actually the DJ for the reception. The wedding was brief, but cool. Terrance did a little breakdance move after they were officially married. I didn't stay for the reception because I was invited to another event. Also, weddings remind me that I'm alone. They're almost as bad as Valentine's Day.

My next event was Chris McCoy and Laura Hocking's annual pre-Memorial Day Barbecue. I hung out, joked, and ate food, some of which I shouldn't have. SSSHHH!! Don't tell my doctor. I ran into a few NBA fans and I ran into fellow actors Annie Gaia and Jeff Pope. It was cool.

My next stop was the Karaoke Smackdown, hosted by my good buddy David H. Shout out to him, Joe, Popcorn, Broadway, The Chris Haley, April Steel, Lauren, Clayton, Curt Franklin, Sean George, and the rest of the crew. I sang "Make Me Wonder" by Maroon 5, "Good Life" by Kanye West and T-Pain, and "Sussudio" by Phil Collins. David H. and I dueted on Bubba Sparx' "Ugly". I was supposed to help Clayton on Gladys Knights' "Midnight Train to Georgia", but I got tired. I can't keep up with these young whippersnappers like I used to. Say that last sentence in your best "grumpy old man" voice. My next stop was back to my happy Cordova home. Yay suburbia!!


My brother Thad and I went out to Watkins (North Memphis) and picked up my great-aunt Velma. We took her out to Moscow, Tennessee. Our family was celebrating Memorial Day and all of our May birthdays. My brother got our stepfather Crossett a birthday card that plays the theme from "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" when you open it. He loves Westerns. I enjoyed talking with aunt Velma on the way up there and on the way back. Her social commentary can be a little profane, but always entertaining. My uncle Eugene, the pastor of my home church, has a park on his property. The family ate there and chitchatted. We talked politics and the older family members remnisced about old times. It was cool. Maybe I am getting less pretentious as I get older. My family does not annoy me as much as they used to. The greatest moment came when my uncle Eugene asked me if I wanted watermelon and I informed him that I don't eat watermelons. His resonse: "You ain't colored, boy". Classic!!
I really enjoyed myself. I guess I'm learning to appreciate my family. Speaking of which, shout out to my cousins Allison and Rachel for graduating last week. Allison is going to Lemoyne-Owen on a scholarship. Allison is also the mom of a very beautiful baby girl. I also found out that one of my cousins is in jail for violating probation. Pray for him, send positive evergy, whatever you feel like doing. Also, shout out to all the troops, families of troops, veterans, and soldiers that have died defending our country. I may not always agree with our reasons for combat, but I appreciate the sacrifices of the men and women in our armed forces. Be easy, readers!!!


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