Monday, June 23, 2008

Family, Karaoke, and Farewells: Thursday plus the Weekend Wrap-Up


I went out to Flashbacks and sang a little karaoke. Local actor Forrest Pruett invited me. Local actresses Casie Ayala and Krisitn Ackerman were also there. It was cool, people were nice, but I am getting a little tired of being the only sober person in the room. I am also getting tired of being in places with no African-American females. That doesn't help me combat my fear of dying alone. However, one girl with us was doing stripper-like moves on another guy. Lord forgive me, but that was interesting. I sang "My Life" by Billy Joel, and later I sang "Money for Nothing' by Dire Straits. I will probably quit singing that song because it uses a word that is insensitive to homosexuals ( the dreaded "f" word). I bypassed it, but several drunken customers said it for me. I am against hate of all kinds. After my two songs, I headed out. I was tired, and I had to get up in the morning. Shout out to the karaoke jockey Rickey Mac and his wife. Side note: my life is becoming a Charlie Brown episode. You know, it's like, "Hey, Charlie Brown, it's okay that you didn't get to talk to the cute little red-haired girl, and that Lucy keeps moving the football. One day, everything's gonna be okay!!" When is one day, I wonder?


I gave one of my coworkers a hard time for buying the new Lil'Wayne CD. After work, I met up with Rod Pitts, my film mentor. He was with a woman at the law library who had an electric car and needed a boost. I had jumper cables. Here is the weird part, though: We put the cables on, but my car was not on. My battery even sparked. I guess that juice from the battery was all her car needed; it started. That was a little weird. I was just glad to do something positive. Afterwards, we went to Perkins and ate. Rod had planned to give me a wrestling DVD about the Road Warriors for my birthday that happened when he was out of town. I already had it, so he gave me Rudy, the inspirational story of a guy who fulfilled his dream of going to Notre Dame. I bought the other DVD from him for $10. Why, you ask? That will be a Christmas or birthday present from my cousin Anwar. Yes, I am a VERY early shopper. Yes, I have been compared to some people's grandparents. Whatever, I know a lot of people. I'd rather not have it sneak up on me.

After Perkins, we went to Spin Street. I still have a lot of unwatched DVDs, so I just looked around. I ran into David Merrill, who scouts a lot of locations for films in the Memphis area. We chitchatted and talked about movies, it was cool.

I had another crazy incident at Exxon when I was pumping gas. The Jackson 5's "I Wanna Be Where You Are" came on, and I started doing my lil' MJ falsetto. The guy pumping gas behind me, however, started doing Michael Jackson dance moves, and he did the move where MJ stops and has his legs and feet pointed. He was showing off for some females in another car. I had to give him accolades and approval for that move, though. It was nice. After all that excitement, I headed home. Oh, yeah, I forgot: I heard snippets of every song on the Lil'Wayne CD. Man, it was tight!!! I have to apologize to my coworker. I still can't buy him, though, because he's made some disparaging comments about deceased rapper Tupac. End of Friday.


I got up early in the morning and got my hair cut. My barber gave me a hard time about the Celtics winning the NBA championship. It was cool. Afterwards, I went home and attempted to go back to sleep. First, my uncle Eugene calls me and asks me to come out a little earlier for our family get-together to help set up. We were celebrating the June birthdays, like mine. Next, my mom called me and asked me what I was bringing. I told her uncle Eugene didn't tell me to bring anything, and she felt that I should have insisted. I apologized and explained that I do not read minds. She suggested that I arrive at her house before noon (to get my late b-day present). I showered, dressed, and arrived at her house by 11:45. I received the Juno DVD as a birthday present from mom. It was the 2-disc special edition (sweet). Later, I went out to my uncle Eugene's house. My stepfather and I helped clean up. We swept, wiped off tables, and put out chairs. We also talked, something we don't do nearly enough of. That was cool. Yay for bonding with the parental unit!! The get-together did not start at 4 PM, as I was told. By 5:30, all the food still wasn't ready, and I had to leave for my next outing. I helped set up, but I got no food. It's probably for the best. They had pig's feet and neckbones on the menu. Lord knows, I don't need that kind of food right now.

Later, I went to Comics and Collectibles, got some cool comics, and chatted with Sean George for a minute. After that, I picked up Bryan Newcomb and we went to Chilis. We met Damarico Fowler there. Bryan is moving to Alabama (no, not with a banjo on his knee)on Thursday, and this was our farewell dinner. I had a chicken quesadilla. It was cool. After that, I went home and went to sleep. I had been up since 5 AM!! You have to get to the barber shop early on Saturday if you don't want to be there all day.


I chilled out and watched TV until about 4 PM, then I got ready to go to the movies. I watched Get Smart. It was okay. I didn't have a lot of bust-a-gut laughing moments, but I chuckled. Anne Hathaway, Steve Carrell, and Dwayne Johnson (he's not The Rock anymore) were decent. Terrence Stamp was especially villainous. Of course, he played General Zod in Superman 2, so it's expected. After that, I went to My Favorite Place, and ate some Mexican food. It was cool.

I may be involved in some film projects soon. I have been talking to people, so hopefully, the projects will begin and finish without too many complications. Take care, and be easy, readers!!!


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