Monday, June 16, 2008

Parties, Wrestling, and Sickness: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I chilled out at home and watched Friday Night Smackdown! I loves my wrestling.


I got out the house around 2:30ish, and I went to Comics and Collectibles. I chewed the fat with C&C employee Donnie Juengling for little while, then I went back home and took a nap. I went over my good friend Tamara's apartment to celebrate her b-day. I brought my gift (Tribute to Justin Timberlake CD), and some cookies. Everyone was nice, but once again, I was the only one not drinking. That always feels awkward. Also, I could only join in on a few conversations because many people had known each other since middle school and high school. I stayed for about three hours, then I went back home.


I went to see The Incredible Hulk in the afternoon. I liked it. Some critics have complained about the lack of story. It has a story, but it is very simple and straightforward. I think it's what they needed after Ang Lee's arthouse "thinking man's hero film" version from 2003. I give it 4/5 stars.

After that, I went back home for a minute, and then to a wrestling show at the New Daisy. It was ran by a local promotion, Mid-South All-Star Wrestling. One of the guys sitting next to me was a local wrestler. The show was okay, although there was too much pausing inbetween matches. The guy sitting next to me started taunting one of the wrestlers (they had had some issues in the past) and he came over there. I got up on my seat, climbed to the next seat, then climbed over the rail. I figured better safe than sorry. Later, this bad guy named Derrick King was talking bad about a lot of people in the audience, particularly this one African-American female with a prosthetic leg. Needless to say, she was upset. People threw water and wrappers at him, and he threw water on one little girl. I thought that it might get out of hand. Mr. King was very entertaining, though. I enjoyed myself, for the most part.

After that, I went home and fell asleep on the Lakers-Celtics game. The Lakers won. Part of me wants the Celtics to win, but I also don't want the NBA season to be over. NBA's fantastic!!!

On a serious note, please pray or send out positive energy for the father of my good friend Paul "P-Dub" West. His dad has been battling cancer and he had a bit of a relapse over a week ago. Also, pray for Paul Briggs' mom. She was admitted to the hospital with chest pains on Saturday. I believe she is going to a specialist today. Finally, my good friend and fellow actress Nia Glen-Lopez had a stroke yesterday. She's okay, and she was walking and talking at last report, but I am concerned. I just wanted to put those names out there. Be easy, readers!!!


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