Thursday, June 12, 2008

Steady Blogging: Events of the last few days

On Monday, I attempted to view The Incredible Hulk at an advanced screening. First, I had to pick up my good buddy Bryan Newcomb. He got off work at 6:30 PM. By the time we got there, the line looked like Six Flags. Needless to say, we did not get in. They did give out passes to Wanted on Wednesday at the Cordova Cinema (my neck of the woods). All's well that ends well, I guess.

On Tuesday, I went to Hastings, a great store near me on Germatntown Parkway that has new and used books, new and used CDs, new and used DVDs, magazines, clothing, instruments, and all kinds of cool stuff, even DVD rental. I sold 4 CDs to them: The last Eightball and MJG album (mediocre), Pharrell's solo album (disapponting), a Julian Marley album (never listened to it), and one more that I can't remember. They bought those for $16.50 in store credit, which i promptly used to purchase the new album by N.E.R.D., Seeing Sounds. It was on sale for $10.99. I STILL haven't listened to it yet, I've been occupied with work matters, Youtube videos, and music from my friends. When I do listen, I plan to write a review.

Yesterday, I saw an advance screening of The Foot Fist Way. It was a funny film about an 30-something Tae Kwan Do instructor whose life begins to fall apart due to problems with his wife. Danny McBride (Hot Rod,Pineapple Express)was the lead actor. It was an indie film that was a hit at Sundance last year, and was purchased by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's Gary Sanchez Productions. It had a lot of laugh-out-loud comedy, but it drags a little bit.

I hope this Steady Blogging is something that I will continue. I am trying to write in my blog more. It seems when I write in my blog more, I tend to write more overall. We'll see how it goes. Be easy, readers!!!


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