Monday, June 02, 2008

Movies, Networking, and Socializing: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work, got some food to eat, and chilled out at home. Yay.


I hung out with Mario Lindsey for a minute, then later I went to Comics and Collectibles ( After that, I watched My Blueberry Nights. It was an okay film. Shout out to Christian B, Jerry Kimble, Alisa Nave, and others that made the cut. I also have a little screen time in the film. The plot centers around a woman (Norah Jones) who travels the country to "find herself". She takes different waitress jobs and interacts with different people, such as an alcoholic sheriff (David Straitharn), his estranged wife (Rachel Weisz), and a card shark with daddy issues (Natalie Portman). She also periodically sends letters to a diner owner in New York (Jude Law) who befriended her before she left. Norah Jones and Jude Law give solid performances. Natalie Portman is okay in the film as well. Good, but not great is my overall review.

After that, I went to the FABA (For Artists By Artists) Bash. I ran into people that I hadn't seen in a while, like Chris Byerly, Tim Scalita, Arnold Edwards, Dayna Hinkel, Hardy McNeese, and others. I found out that people are planning to work on projects soon, and that I MAY get some new acting opportunities. Yes!!! I have had far too much downtime this year. I also won a prize during the raffle. I won an XL Johnny Cash t-shirt (I will get into it soon), a DVD of Curbside Confessions (A film that I'm in), and a DVD of a musical performance that was filmed by the Rusted Sun production company( I enjoyed myself, and saw some cool trailers, like the one for Cruel. It's a silent horror film and, yes, I happen to be in it, too. It looks cool. FABA was awesome. If you're an actor, painter, musician, whatever, you need to come to the next one.


I chilled out at home until about 5 PM, got some food, then I went over Shomari Gant's house and watched the latest WWE pay-per-view. Shout out to Shomari, Donovan, Terra, and this other woman that was over there, I forget her name. I also gave Shomari his late birthday gift. I was out in Fayette County at the time of his b-day celebration on Memorial Day. I bought him a CD that had some of the Star Wars score music on it. He likes Star Wars, I hope he liked it.

I also won a two month's worth of free acting classes at House of Talent in Cordova. I plan to take advantage of that, believe me. Be easy, readers!!!


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