Monday, December 08, 2008

Waiting Rooms, Podcasts, and Dorm Rooms: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work, went to the doctor (I've gained a few pounds, not so good), then I went back to work for a few hours. It was cool.


I got off work, went to the Vactor-Cave, which is the home of my good buddy Justin Vactor and his parents. Me and the podcast crew actually recorded three podcasts. The first was Entertainment Overload. We had people who weren't physically there take place in the conversation using Skype. Skype is some kind of phone service through the internet. Look it up. Shout out to Jeff W., Emily from Ohio, Katarina, Wonder Rob, Daz, and the regular EO Podcast crew: Kevin Coll, Ben Songer, Willie Gillis, and Justin Vactor. Then, Emily stayed with the regular crew for the FusedFilm Factor podcast. Those two podcasts can be found at Next, we ate lasagna. Shoutout to Mrs. Vactor for the bomb lasagna. Finally, the regular crew minus Kevin but plus Chris Eaton (through skype)recorded the Geekland Podcast (

After that, I went out to Collierville. My friend Terra Hollis celebrated her birthday at the Bonefish Grill. It's located near the new mall in Collierville. It's an outside mall, meaning you have to walk outside and go into another building as opposed to being housed inside, but it's pretty cool. Terra likes smiley faces and horror movies, so I bought her an action-figure two-pack of the characters from the Body Bags comic. One character, Clownface, is a mercenary that wears a smiley-face mask. The other character in the two-pack is his daughter Panda. I may not be a rich man, but I'm thoughtful. Shout out to Denna, Paul West, Courtney, Laila, Terra, Shomari, Mario, Jamaica, Terrence and his wife Jill, and everybody else in attendance. After that, I went home.


I gave my buddy Rod Pitts his belated birthday present. I bought him the classic O'Jays album Backstabbers on CD. He seemed to like it.

Next, I picked up my buddy Chris Eaton and we went to Comics and Collectibles. Shoutout to C&C's owner, Ron, and C&C employee Brian. I bought comics, we talked comics, it was cool. Later, we went to Wendy's and ate food. Finally, we chilled out in this other guy's dorm room. His name was Chris, but he went by Mars. We watched wrestling DVDs on Eaton's laptop and joked around. Chris is a cool dude and he is very spiritual. Lord knows I need postive spiritual influence in my life.


I got a little bit of bad news. My cousin Kaci's youngest child, Cameran, is in he hospital. They think he may have a tumor on his kidney. Please send positive thoughts and energy and prayers his way. Thank you, and be easy, readers.


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