Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pray for my cousin Cameran

My cousin Cameran (I'm probably spelling it very wrong) has a cancerous tumor on his liver. It hurts me to even type this. Cameran is a tough little guy, sometimes quiet, but full of life. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his mom, my cousin Kaci. I also pray for his dad Chris. The thought of him not being able to grow, to learn, to one day fall in love, get his heart broken, to learn what it is to be a man, to not be.....I don't want to conceive it. He's at St. Jude, so I know he's getting the best medical care possible. I wonder why this would have to happen to him, but it's not for me to know why. I am asking for all prayers, positive thoughts, positive energy, whatever you believe in. I am asking my online family to support me and my blood family right now. Thank you.


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