Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Actor Diaries: The Slump (Live From Memphis)

Eventually, every actor's career gets in a bit of a slump. You have that period where you're riding high, you feel untouchable, and everybody loves you. Sooner or later, for one reason or another, you have a dry spell, a span of time where you feel like you can't get arrested. Well, dear readers, lately I have felt like damaged goods in the acting world. I know that you're thinking this is total BS or a plea for attention, but it has been frustrating. You can try your hardest, you can network all you want, but the slump eventually happens. You can either fight through it or let it consume you. In basketball, the best way out of a shooting slump is to keep shooting. Well, the best way out of an acting slump is by trying to keep acting. Unlike sports, however, you don't always know when the next game will occur.

To read more, go to http://media.livefrommemphis.com/blog/ageekandhisblog/399-actor-diaries-the-slump


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