Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A (Discount) View At the Movies: Diary of a Mad Black Woman

I saw Diary of a Black Woman at the local discount theatre. Bartlett 10, what! I have long viewed Tyler Perry and his "gospel" plays as crap. I felt Perry was a hack, and that his plays were formulaic. I thought that he was just being hypocritical with all the profanity and talk of sex in his "gospel" plays. I am now issuing a full retraction. I loved this movie! Okay, here's a synopsis: Kimberley Elise is married to a hotshot attorney and their marriage is strained. He leaves in the middle of the night with no explanation. He eventually tires of her and brings home his mistress and throws her out. She goes to her grandma MaDea's(Tyler Perry) house. She encourages her to go back and ransack the place. She also pulls a gun on her ex-husband. It was crazy! It was so hilarious! The MaDea character had me rolling! Kimberly Elise's character also meets a decent , hardworking man(Shemar Moore) who helps her to recover. He proposes marriage shortly after the divorce hearing ends. Before she can say yes, she sees that her husband is seriously injured. She goes to his side and has to decide where her future lies. This is a good movie. I could even tolerate Shemar Moore's metrosexual self. Cicely Tyson is also her usual brilliant self as Elise's mother. Tyler Perry also plays Kimberley Elise's relative who is dealing with a wife that's addicted to crack and raising their two kids by himself after he has to throw her out. Even the subplot was great! Judge Mablean Ephraim from Divorce Court also makes a cameo. I am now eating my words. I may even bring myself to see one of these "gospel" plays. I was pleasantly surprised. Diary of a Mad Black Woman gets 5 pens (for the diary). Be easy.


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