Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend Moments

I kicked it this weekend! Friday was the previously mentioned Adams courthouse fiasco. Saturday was the audition and later I went over my partner Bryan's house. He and my boy Paul Briggs were barbecuing. The barbecue was good. I got reacquainted with a dude named Damarcus who I met while working at the University of Memphis. He has dedicated himself to God and is really serious about rhyming. We made a mixtape. Paul brought his DJ equipment. It was live, man. We had a little mic. Damarcus was killing it lyrically. I was..okay. I was a little off beat, and I have trouble thinking ahead when freestyling, which is basically making up rhymes on the spot. It was still fun. I ripped over Jay-Z's "Change Clothes and Go", and 4th Avenue Jones' "Movin' On". Paul and I also collaboed on a track. Paul and I always joke about putting out a full collaboration album. I plan to keep at it. Sunday I went to the movies and saw Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Later on Sunday, Paul and I joined Damarcus and other friends at a restaurant on Poplar and Mendenhall called The Half Shell. We were celebrating our friend Shane's ordination. Yes, Shane's an official minister. Monday I went to a cookout at my boy Bryan's church. I ran into a woman who was one of my student workers at the University of Memphis. She brought her son. I also ran into my boy, Steve Fox. He has a holy hip-hop mixtape out now. We also talked about screenplay and documentary ideas. I like dude's energy. He's a workhorse when it comes to something he's passionate about. Then, I went to my boy Shomari's house and watched some DVDs and had MORE barbecue. Denna, Paul, and I also gave Shomari his birthday presents. His birthday was last week. Shomari calls himself Darth Vader, so I got him a Darth Vader Mr. Potato Head called Darth Tater. Luckily, he got the joke. It was a crazy weekend. I didn't want to go to work today. Of course, I went. Great holiday, and my birthday (June 5) is around the corner. YEEAAAHHH! 29, fools! Deal with it. Or don't. I'm still good, baby. Be easy, dear readers.


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