Saturday, June 04, 2005

I May Not Carry a Tune, but I can Karaoke!

The TheraFlu worked wonders on my cold. So, feeling somewhat better, I decided to attend my coworker Serbrina's Karaoke night at her house. The house is beautiful. She live in one of those good neighborhoods, almost as good as Cordova (just kidding...kinda). Continuing my trend of not getting along with dogs, she had what looked like a giant poodle named Shane; he barked at me, I jumped back. My first instinct is to kick, but you can't go kicking other people's pets. Many of my coworkers (including my boss) were there. I sang a Michael Jackson medley: Rock With You, Billy Jean, and Bad. Then, the whole gang sang "Celebrate" by Kool and the Gang. Then, JC (a coworker) sang Always and Forever. They sang some more group songs, and Serbrina and I sang "Don't Look Any Further". We had rehearsed it three times before everybody came. We also sang "Proud Mary", and JC and Stephanie sang "With You I'm Born Again". Twice. JC's wanted to really nail it. I realized that I had to leave early to preserve my strength and voice, but "YMCA" had me giving an encore. My voice is a little worn, and I am not 100% well, but I will press on. After work comes the rehearsal, then back to the house for a midday nap, then my crew (how many I don't know) will storm the Chili's on Perkins Extended, then watch The Longest Yard. It's my pre-birthday celebration with friends. Tomorrow, on the for real, really real, 3-d, honest-to-goodness berfday, My parents plan to take me out near my house. Yeah, go Markus, it's my berfday, go Markus, it's my berfday, I'm gone drink water like it's my berfday, goin' to Chili's and Paradiso like it's my berfday! Twenty-nine is an okay age to be. Lord willing, this should be a memorable day. Be easy.

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