Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Let's Talk about MJ

I haven't gotten political in a long time, but I guess I need to give my spiel on Michael Jackson. When the "Not guilty" verdict came out, I was happy. I even high-fived a coworker. I've even broke out into a few MJ routines in the privacy of my own home. Okay, I 've been doing that for a long time, so I guess that's irrelevent. My MJ impersonation is pretty tight, though. I also love performing MJ songs at karaoke. As happy as I was, though, I was convinced that guy was going to jail. Although I am glad that he is free, I don't know if the right decision was made. I wasn't there, of course, so I have no concrete proof of his innocence or guilt. My feelings are based on the fact that this was the second offense and that MJ's admission to sleeping in the bed with little kids. I was even saying, "That fool's going to jail". However, I didn't really want him to. My reasons for not wanting him to had nothing to do with the facts. I didn't want him to go because I am a fan of his music. He made Thriller...Thriller! (Dave Chappelle is a comic genius) I even got Invincible as a Christmas present. I liked it. I just hope that we aren't letting our love for the man's music blind us to the possibility of him being a possible molester. Also, I don't think it was cool that MJ didn't show up at his victory party. What's up with that? It seemed very inconsiderate. I know he's exhausted, but that was a party for him. MJ needs to make some drastic changes. He should sell Neverland Ranch and turn it into an amusement park or something. MJ also needs to grow up. The tree climbing and being the eternal child crap is played out. The dude's in his 40s. At some point, you have to say, "Hey, I've lost my childhood, but maybe I'll get grown-up toys. Like Tivo. Or Ferraris. Or computer gadgets." Also, Mike has got to be a little more visible. It's time for some serious public relations. MJ should make donations to UNICEF or the United Negro College Fund. That way, he'd be helping himself and others. And, like my friend Latilleon stated in his blog, sing more mature material. The dance moves and stuff are a little hokey. If he has to do that stuff, get the Neptunes, P. Diddy, or Missy Elliott to produce it. Heck, MJ could get QuincyJones to produce some stuff. Off The Wall and Thriller are great examples of the Jackson-Jones chemistry. Maybe it wouldn't work the same way, but it couldn't hurt. Jackson doesn't have to dance to have good music. Does anyone remember Butterfly off his last album? That song was a nice, sweet ballad. It was cool! Mike might also want to change his look a little bit. He could finally get a new haircut or soem normal clothes. I'm not sure about his innocence or guilt, but I do feel that God has given him a new lease on life. I pray that he does not squander it. Well, that's my take on Mijac. I don't know if he did it or not, but I still love the music. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough. Be easy.

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