Monday, June 20, 2005

Could it be I Stayed Away Too Long...

Did I leave your mine when I was gone? The song by lil' Michael (Not Guilty) Jackson and his four bros seems very appropriate. I was on vacation last week, and with no PC, I could not keep my readers updated on my wonderful misadventures. Last week, I helped my friend Ennis move on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was only temporary, though. Come August, he's making the big move to Chicago. I'll miss that dude. I will keep in contact. Hopefully, he'll contribute to my long-in-development, you'll see it when it's finished, debut rap CD. Yes, I also bust rhymes. I wanna be a dope rapper. Anyway, Thursday was a little bit better. Rod and I got the lead actor on our long-in-production but still great film to do voiceovers. Also, he interviewed me about the movie. He got very personal, asking questions about the female actresses. So, in advance, if Cretia Carey, Denna Greer, Lisa Miller, or Chris Brown see that tape, I was just being honest. Also, in terms of my upcoming cast, if Arnita Williams, Chrissy Cain, or Jean Henderson see that segment, again, I was just being honest. Friday's attempted shoot fell through, so me, Rod and Bryan saw Batman Begins. It was good, but I was very sleepy so I did not quite grasp the conclusion. So, my View at the Movies (the greatest movie review blog in the world!!!!!) will have to wait. Saturday, there was a mixup and I did not get my stepfather his Father's Day gift(sniff, sniff, sob). But, at midnight, Bryan and I were at the Bartlett 10 movie theater for Day 2 of our Third Wheel Date shoot. Bryan was a great extra. In fact, he was so extra, I don't think we needed him...just kidding, B. You rock like boulders! I play this security guard who thinks he's a ladies man. They gave me another scene, too!! Who is the master?!! Sho Nuff!!! I totally rocked during that scene. I have one more small scene next week. This has been a great environment. I met this funny dude named Aaron that I hope will get the lead role in Rod's next film. I've also hung out with Arnold Edwards II, Arnita Williams, Tiffany, Melissa, Jarrod Edwards, and Tommy, a short, Asian kid with a laptop. He acts like he doesn't like me, but the kid is cool and he's very smart. Forrest Pruett has been hilarious, too. The Memphis indie film community rocks! Cowboy Up Productions, Cowboy Silver Lining Productions, Pittstop Productions, Old School Entertainment, Brandon Hutchison's group, Morgan Fox, Triple Sticks Productions, Brassmask, and whoever else I don't know. We have a thriving artistic community here in Memphis. I am very apreciative and grateful for those of you that have allowed me to be in your projects. Also, for those that I have not worked with, I respect you for striving to make something true and unique, which is obviously easier said than done. I'm proud of all the actors, directors, and staff in the Memphis indie film community. We are doing it for the love, and I pray that we all are one day able to make a living in the world of cinema. I salute all my underground soldiers. Indie Memphis, fools! Who's messing with us? Today, Memphis, tomorrow Hollywood, the world next. Be easy.


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