Saturday, July 02, 2005

Family Reunitings Part Uno

Forgive me, faithful blog fans. My original purpose for this blog was to inspire myself to start writing in other areas. As I have begun to write more poems and lyrics, my attention to this blog has suffered. I know I have an obligation to the millions(okay, dozens) of M.Sea fans out there. So, I'm back like I left something! YEEEAAAAHHHH!
Okay, last night I went to my family's Get Acquainted Night. It was at a community center on Macon Road. It was a pretty cool affair. I decided to lose the formal attire and rock the King Day 2004 t-shirt, blue jeans and black Nikes. You gotta have blue jeans and black Nikes! They're wardrobe essentials! I had signed up to read a poem, but my name wasn't on the program. I sent Mama(who booked the gig) to investigate. I also had a pretend hissy fit about the poor sound and my name not being on the program-"What's my motivation?" Mama thought I was serious, though. When they finally called me, I was shaking. I introed myself. Then, I said, "I hope you like this poem. If you don't, clap anyway. Ya'll family! Make me feel good!" Some people got the joke. If this cold reception for my humor keeps up, I'm moving to France. After all, they think Jerry Lewis is a comic genius! I dusted off an old poem entitled "The Struggle". It had references to demons, black folks strugglin, Medgar Evers, Emmitt Till, Martin Luther the King, Malcolm Ten(X), and God. Of course, I won over all the old folks! I had to hold the paper and I don't memorize my poems...gotta keep all the trivial information like the words to Buck Roger's theme song in my head(they only played it on the first episode). My mom won something in the raffle. We got wooden backscratchers! When I first saw the backscratcher, my first thought was, "What, are we having stir-fry? My family coming up!" Mama laughed at that. It was a great evening of family fun(how corny was that sentence?). We had poetry, tap dancing, flipping....shoot, that cousin needs to be on Beale Street flipping for change tonight!! It was cool. Work is keeping me out of the festivities for today(sob, sniff, tear), but I will met up with fellow ATC (Anti-Thug Coalition) member Ken Hill today. Then, probably a haircut. Tonight, who knows? I'm single and ready to mingle! Peace! Ya'll be real easy.
PS RIP Luther Vandross I'm composing a tribute joint to him as we speak. Hopefully, it'll surface somewhere soon. Peace.


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