Wednesday, September 07, 2005

(Delayed) Three-Day Weekend Recap

Friday, I filmed on Keenon's movie. We filmed the older child that plays Keenon's daughter Ashley. Her name's Selina. Cute kid, but sometimes she cracks on me. I guess I'm an easy target. Saturday, we filmed the younger girl that plays Ashley. Her name's Hannah. She's adorable. Her mother and other siblings were there. It was cool. Also on Saturday, the homegirl Arnita (Westwoood!) let me know about a party scene in Robert Saba's film "Delusions" that required extras. Me and my homie Bryan decided to get our fake party on. As usual, the indie Memphis film community came out. Arnold Edwards, his girlfriend Dayna (Fayette County! What!), my boy Will, John Fuess (who I will start working with on Mail Call this week), Ashley Davis, Bevan Bell, and Muck Sticky, a vulgar rapper that people tell me is humorously filthy. I also met John Sparks, of fame. That blog is the premiere place for actors to get information in Memphis. I told him my name, and he said that he read my blog! I was hype! I noticed he had mentioned me on his site. I believe he told me that Arnita told him my name. Cool. We talked about Black Snake Moan and how it appears as though the casting is pretty much set. We may get called back for extras. Who knows? I met his wife. She is from Puerto Rico. She was very nice. She asked me about acting. We pretended to talk during party scenes. Bryan and I try to pick up my girl Tiffany Pemberton (great actress), and Sarah (another great actress) tells us to back off. Yes, I get dissed on camera yet again. I get my payback, though. Bryan, Will, and I get to adlib some crazy responses to a comment Sarah's character makes about sex for drugs. It was crazy! Monday, me and the B-man (Bryan) rolled out to Fayette County and chilled over my uncle's house. I was bad and I ate pork. and lots of it. I got back on my diet the next day, though. I received the summons from Rod and Bryan and I had to cut out back to the M-town. I dropped Bryan off, picked up Rod, and we went over Keenon's house. We filmed Selina and Keenon in the
park near Keenon's home and at a nearby convenience store. A security guard seemed to be touched by Keenon's film because it focuses on a relationship between father and son. He was a single parent of a girl named Chelsea, I believe. I'm glad to touch people with my work. I was horrible on sound that day. I kept holding it wrong and I kept dropping into the scene. I thought Rod would disown me. It was cool, though. I start John Fuess' film tonight, and I hope to rejoin Keenon's film on Friday. I am trying to make sure that I go to the movies occasionally.
I must have a balance. That's about it. Keep cool and be easy, dear readers. Peace.


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Interesting blog you have here, I have added it to my list and will check in often!

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