Friday, August 19, 2005

Back in the M-Town

I took a business trip to Charlotte on Wednesday. First of all, our boarding was delayed because there was a fuel leak on our plane. I was a little bothered. I called Bryan, but he calmed me down. They cleaned up the leak, moved our plane down a few gates, and we boarded forty minutes late. My coworker and I flew to Atlanta and had to catch a connecting flight to Charlotte. We arrived so late, we ran to our gate. Then, we found out our plane had been moved to another gate. We ran to that gate. Fortunately, the plane was delayed. The plane ride from Atlanta to Charlotte was very turbulent due to the weather. We arrived in Charlotte so late, all we could do was go to our rooms and sleep. The actual meeting was cool. I got reacquainted with and met some people. I did a presentation. My presentation rocked! I bought a laser pointer for $3.99 and it really enhanced my presentation. Of course, I knocked them dead. We got bumped up to an earlier flight, but by the time we checked in, we missed our thirty minute "safe" window of time. This meant that our luggage would probably come in later (mine came in this morning), and we had to run. To make matters worse, we had to do the extra random searching where they take our shoes off. I ran for that plane like Jesse Owens! They called our names over the intercom for "last call". It was crazy. We barely made it! Now, it's off to the doctor and to the airport to get my luggage. It's always something. Be easy.


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