Friday, September 09, 2005

"Production" meeting and a very close call

On Wednesday, I got off work a little early and went to a production meeting for John Fuess' film Mail Call. I will play Willie, a board game fanatic. Tommy Kha, the sixteen-year old film genius (and soon to be the director of dead anonymous) was there, because he's working on John's film. Sarah, who I worked on Delusions with, was there, as was Lauryn. I came too late to read my lines, so I hung out. Actor/techie Glen Ring was there, as was my homegirl Dayna Hinkel (Fayette County! What!), Arnold Edwards (AE2), and Krista. Krista told me that she is an intern on Black Snake Moan. I told her that I was glad that somebody I knew was on the movie. Tiffany Pemberton, another phenomenal actress, came through. I also got to chat with Jon Sparks ( and his wife. I guess actors are my new social circle. After everybody left, John showed me the game that my character obsesses over. It's called 40K. It has these big pieces and figurines. John suggested I rent Starship Troopers to get an idea of the backstory for 40K. We talked shop for about an hour. It was cool, though. Glen suggested I take some Meisner's classes in the spring. That was cool. I will start shooting on Sept. 17. By that time, I will be on days. That's right, Monday-Friday from 9Am-6PM. Freedom!

Yesterday, hardworking actor Forrest Pruett called me and wanted to know my height. He is on Black Snake Moan as an extra, I believe, and he was tryign to get me to be a stand-in for Samuel Jackson. Unfortunately, I didn't get it. I was a little down, but everybody at my job told me to keep my head up. I can't stop, man. I love this too much. it's my gift. God has blessed me to do a lot of work this summer. I've done good work and had great experiences, even though I didn't get paid. Today, I plan to volunteer at WKNO Channel 10 and help them put topgether bags of toys and crayons for the children of families that fled to Memphis from New Orleans. Gotta give back. Be easy, readers. No, scratch that. Give back and try to help somebody. We Americans can be selfish jerks sometimes. It's not always just about us. It's about all of us. Okay, end of soapbox. God bless.


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