Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hobnobbing with the Film Commission

I attended the public hearing about bringing more productions to Memphis that was at the Botanical Gardens yesterday. John Sparks ( can give you more information about the actual proceedings. I'm just gonna drop some names. Bevan Bell, director of Divine Manipulation of the Threads recorded the press conference part for New 3. Christine Connolly of New 3 and AD on Divine Manipualtion was also there. I ran into my girl Angela Davis (Third Wheel Date, Just the Two of Us) was there, as well as Vincent Moore (Poor and the Hungry, Just the Two of Us), Arnita Williams (What Goes Around, Other Side of the Pillow), and Michael McClendon (Divine Manipulation, Third Wheel Date). Of course, John (The Man) Sparks was there. I invited everybody to Indie Memphis on Monday, October 24, at 6:30 PM, if they could make it. You know, that IS the day that Dollars and Signs is being shown. I also ran into E. Anthony Boco. He's a member of SAG. That's Screen Actors Guild, people. He's SO official. I talked to David J. Bennett, who is the Executive Drector of the Film, Entertainment and Music Commission. Arnita and I talked to him about Craig Brewer and Craig's films. I tried to network, but I am out of cards. I must correct that. It was cool, and I am glad that I got to network. It was a cool event. Hopefully, Memphis can get more projects.
Thank you to all the legislators that are fighting to bring more productions to Memphis. We greatly appreciate it. Be easy, readers.


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