Thursday, October 13, 2005

Filming with Keenon and Rod

We filmed on Just the Two of Us at the library. We brought back Learyn and Jason, who were in earlier scenes. I think I was tired. Once again, I did something silly and everybody clowned me. I was getting agitated. I kept saying, "I don't get treated like this on other sets". Then, everybody reassured me that they like me. I guess I was bugging. We shot quite a few little extra scenes. Tonight, we'll probably shoot more. We are getting close.

In other news, I have now officially joined with Actors First, a talent agency run by another Indie Memphis veteran Forrest Pruett. I have my first audition tomorrow for a barbecue commercial. It's all good, baby! I am still an artist, I still do it for the love primarily, but a brother need to get paid! Times is hard!! Oh, well, I pray that I am successful tomorrow.
Oh, yeah, check out and check out the agency. Gotta get that paper, mane! Be easy, readers.


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