Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Filming at Keenon's House One Mo' Gin

Yesterday, we filmed guessed it, Keenon's house. It was a quick scene between Keenon and Travis Stone. Man, that guy is a good actor! We also showed him other scenes from the movie and played some songs for him. Travis has a group currently called Empty Shelf. Keenon invited them to be on the soundtrack. They are also on the soundtrack to Slow Down, You're Dating Too Fast, David Lee's masterpiece that will also be shown at the Indie Memphis Festival. I told Stone about getting on Black Snake Moan and my Indie Memphis screening. Travis went to Shreveport on Friday and auditioned for Road House 2. He also auditioned for Thief, an F/X production starring Andre Braugher (Glory, Homicide: Life On the Street). He felt good about Road House 2. Good luck, Stone. I'm glad to see my people getting it. Memphis has some phenomenal actors. Hopefully, this hearing that I'm going to today will lead to Memphis offering incentives for other production companies to come here. I would travel to Nashville or Shreveport if I had to, but it would be cool if somebody besides Craig Brewer would bring productions to Memphis. Hopefully, we can make that happen. Be easy, readers.


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