Monday, November 14, 2005

Weekend Wrap-Up

On Friday, I didn't work. It was Veterans' Day. I went to the doctor for a checkup, and yours truly has now slimmed down to a great 245.5 pounds. Yeah, baby! Trying to get that leading man body! Denzel, watch out! We didn't film, I drove around, chatted with different people, went to Ruby Tuesdays alone. As soon as I came in, a young waiter asked me, "What are you doing eating alone? It's Friday night." Boy, as if I didn't feel awkward about it before. I should've gotten her number. Ah, well. After my solo dinner, I went to the movies and watched The Forty-Year Old Virgin. That movie was funny! Steve Carrell from Anchorman and the US version of The Office was the That man is hilarious!

Saturday, I auditioned for the movie Stirring directed by Paul Skidmore. The dialogue will be in Russian and Ukranian, so a lead role is out of the question, but maybe they'll give me a small role and I can memorize some Russian. I thanked them, and I told them that I hoped they could find a role for me, but if not, I wished them well. I meant that. The script is interesting, well, the portion I had to read was interesting. I wished them well. I got some good footage for my documentary, King Indie. Thanks to Bryan Newcomb for getting up early in the morning and filming me. Bryan, you are a pal indeed. I know we check each other a lot, but you're my dog, man. Later, Bryan and I joined Keenon at the Southbrook Mall in Whitehaven. We filmed inside the mall and filmed a fake commercial for the movie on the sidewalk. Ruth was great as Keenon's love interest, Camille. I held the mic. I also got a cool Emmitt Till shirt and a Frederick Douglass shirt from a vendor. Gotta have my unique t-shirts. It's an addiction..
Later on, we met at Keenon's house. Rod and Keenon edited. Keenon's daughter Ashley and I watched the Usher Tour DVD. The boy is talented, he can sing, he's got some nice dance moves, but he annoys me almost as much as that damn 50 Cent! After a while, I got tired and cut out.

Sunday, Bryan and I cruised the mall and flirted with cute clerks. Of course, I bought some t-shirts. We did not shoot, so Bryan and I chilled out with our friends and watched a wrestling pay-per-view. It was cool. I tried to talk up my projects, in particular King Indie. I would rather have been filming. Hopefully, we will film today. We are so close on Just the Two of Us, and my friend Rod Pitts is editing away on What Goes Around, so we should have something to show to the people real soon. Nikia Entertainment and Pittstop Productions should have some interesting things to show people. Just wait. Be easy, readers.


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