Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Chillin' at the Co-Op

I arrived late at Sarah Fleming's night at the Co-Op. She showed a short that they did about the Sam Cooper sniper from last year. Very funny. Also, she did a short that incorporated footage from the Baptist Hospital Memorial explosion. Hilarious. I talked to her again. I hope to get a part in a horror satire that she is working on. I also ran into blogmeister Jon Sparks (, Al Lahiri (Third Wheel Date, Ants In an Ant Farm), Tommy "The Future" Kha (Ants in an Ant Farm, Harmless Internet Chain Letter Joke), and up-and-coming producer Jason Rawlings. I was offered a role in his next picture. Thanks, Jason. He said that he sees me in a lead role and he could see me in a serious role. Wow! I'm glad somebody can see me in that type of role. I also saw Vineet Thapar. He wants me to help him out with African-American dialect and slang on one of his scripts. I'm honored. Of course, having been African-American my whole life, that makes me an expert. That will be next week. I also met a woman named Shelley Weber. She manages a few bands and she invited me to a show at the Full Moon next week. I will try to make it. To say my dance card is full is like saying Da Vinci painted pretty pictures or Fred Astaire had a few nice dance moves. It was a cool evening. I'm just glad that people see my talent and my love for the game. Be easy, readers


At 8:03 AM, Blogger PRan said...

Nice blog. Lots to read. would like some pics too...


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