Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I'm Focused, Man!!!

Yesterday, Rod and I were supposed to get some additional sound for the short The Survivor. It didn't happen. Rod and I got some grub, and I wound up on the U of M campus. I checked my e-mail courtesy of my former coworkers at Ned McWherter Library. I cut through the Theatre Building and ran into my good buddy Aaron Jones (Third Wheel Date, PA Pretender). We chit-chatted about the highs and lows of acting and the tiring hours. Aaron's primarily theater, and I'm indie film, but we drew several parallels. We also talked about the frustration of being ashamed to perform or watch some of our material in front of our family. I understand the need for edgy material, but could somebody write a family-oriented indie film? Please? I may have to. He has some idea for shorts; I DEFINITELY have some ideas for short films. Hopefully, we can work together. I appreciate having peers that I can talk to about this crazy business. I just want to get better and continue to get better roles. I am also going to have to get focused and start writing my concepts and ideas out. I know Rod Pitts will assist me. It's just time to make it happen. Be easy, readers.


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