Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Random News Bits

Yesterday, I actually went home after work (can you believe it?). However, I did come across this interesting piece about the death of the producer of Saw at the age of 42. Check it out:


Also, actress Wendy Jo Sperber of 80s TV show Bosom Buddies with a young Tom Hanks passed away recently, check it out:


And finally, fellow actor/hustler Arnita Williams is Beauty of the Week on Memphis Mix. Shout out to Ms. Williams. Keep doin' your thing, girl! www.memphismix.com

And, that's it. No one can accuse this blog of being all about me...maybe eighty-five, ninety percent of it IS about me, but, hey, I make a conscious effort to not be bored and I think it makes for pretty good reading. Be easy, readers. Live those dreams.


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