Friday, December 02, 2005

Practice Makes Perfect.

I was in Red West's acting class again, I was paired up with my AGENT Forrest Pruett (yet again). We did a scene from Clerks; I was Randall, he was Dante. Red said that I was overselling the scene, trying to punctuate every word with an expression. I am not used to subtle comedy. I normally play goofy, over the top characters. Sometimes, less is more. Of course, the usual suspects were there: Jon Sparks, the GREAT Travis Stone, and Alisa. We were joined by a new student, Kim. She was great, too. Sparky really nailed this scene from Body Heat. I dare say, Sparky was pimpish! After Red West's class I went to Keenon Nikita's house and manned the boom mic yet again while Rod manned the camera. We filmed a few small scenes involving Keenon on the telephone. We are close to finishing, it's just a matter of pieces falling into place. After finishing up, I went to Flashback's and rejoined my fellow Red Westers in some karaoke. When I entered, Sparky, Lina, Forrest, and Sarah Ewell (Shutter, Delusions) joined several of my other classmates in singing War's "Low Rider". I joined in the fun by singing Aerosmith's "Janie's Got A Gun". Yes, I am very versatile and I have no street cred in real life. It's okay. I think some people went on to celebrate at another place; I had to go home because I have to be at work (BOOO!). Tonight, we should wrap up Mail Call/whatever else it may be called at a club called Dish on Cooper. I believe the after-festivities will be at Young Avenue Deli. Hey, Midtown is Memphis, too! I had to say that. Saturday, I should assist Keenon in a video shoot. I also have birthday parties and gatherings to attend. Good times are rolling. Be easy, readers.


At 11:38 AM, Blogger Jon W. Sparks said...

Pimpish! I love it. And you were, like, a total slacker, dude. Clerks, like, rules!


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