Monday, November 21, 2005

Weekend Wrapup with your host, M.Sea

Okay, it is time once again for another infamous weekend wrapup. After getting off work Friday, I napped and then picked up my documentarian Bryan Newcomb (Just the Two of Us) and proceeded to the Visitors Center down by the river. That was the meeting place for this shoot of Divine Manipulation of the Threads. The GREAT Travis Stone (Ray, Just the Two of Us) was there, and director Arnold Edwards II (PA Pretender, Third Wheel Date) and his girlfriend Dayna Hinkel (Fayette County! What!) were helping out. Of course, Bevan Bell (Cowboy's Silver Lining, Delusions) was directing and he was accompanied by his lady, the fantastic Christine Connolly, who you may know from News Channel 3. Terry Dee Draper (Just the Two of Us) was also there. I was disappointed that my other "partner in thugging" Jovan Jackson (Just the Two of Us) couldn't make it, but I held it down for him. I don'twant to give anything away, but I am wrapped. I appreciated the experience, even though due to continuity, I had to wear a short-sleeved white tee. I didnt think about it until everybody kept asking me was I okay. Then I got cold. Shout out to Bevan, Christine, Howard Hodo, Jesse, Stone, Draper, Arnold, Dayna, and another fellow filmmaker whose name was Lisa that came through. This was my first Rusted Sun Films Production. I hope to also be a part of my AGENT Forrest Pruett's film Inherit the Earth, which will also be a Rusted Sun Film.

Saturday, my director on Just the Two of Us, Keenon Nikita and I went to a brunch at his mom's house. It was cool. I chilled with the family, Keenon and I beat his niece in a dance contest. His sister's boyfriend raps like me. We chilled and talked music. That was cool.
Then, we had a meeting about the company that Keenon is starting. I can't talk about that yet, but look out, world, we are coming out hard!!!! That was pretty much the end of my Saturday.

Sunday, I attempted to see Walk the Line, but it was sold out. I went to Bryan's house and shot some more for my documentary, King Indie. I decided to address the claims that I am an "acting whore" and the doubts that have been concerned about some of the projects that I am in. Let me give everybody a tip: NEVER doubt any project that I'm involved in. I give it my all, I work my butt off, and I bring it. Point blank. I do this for the love, and I do it for the freedom from my otherwise mundane existence. After that, I went to the Media Co-Op and watched Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices. Boy, was that shocking! Wal-Mart has some very questionable business practices. You need to see this movie. I'm not saying I'll never shop in Wal-Mart again, but I don't know. I also chatted with Morgan Fox, Mr. Media Co-Op, about the Sawed-Off Collaboratory short that they are doing with Brandon Hutchison. I also heard that they have approached the phenomenal Tiffany Pemberton. I worked with Brandon and Morgan on Dollars and Signs, and I have seen firsthand the beauty and excellence of Tiffany Pemberton's acting. I asked Morgan, "How can I be down?", and I gave him a card. I also talked to Tommy "The Future" Kha about his shorts and ideas. Tommy's a cool kid. I wish I was that focused at 17. I let him know that I would love to help him and be a part of his productions. His youthful energy gives me hope. Hopefully, I can get down with Tommy as well. Today, I should help out on Keenon's film. We are so close that we can taste it. Be easy, readers.


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