Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Hustle Don't Stop

I was feeling sick at work yesterday...or was that sick of work? Anyway, I called Rod and he told me that we would be getting sound from Jason Dancy (Just the Two of Us, The Survivor) to wrap up The Survivor. Before that, however, I had to go to Wal-Mart (my boycott is over, I'm a horrible revolutionary) and buy Rod some Panasonic Hi8 film. I must learn more about these things. By the time I got to the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library (the one on Polar), Rod was getting audio from a girl named Taki for a scene in What Goes Around. Next, we went to the University of Memphis Theatre Building (our favorite location) and shot some classroom scenes of Taki. These scenes will be edited in with our other classroom scenes that were filmed over year ago. I was an extra then (You can see my arm and wristband), and I am an extra in this part of the scene (my elbow is visible). When I finally watch the finished product, it's gonna be like Where's Waldo. I will be looking for myself as an extra. I'm an extra at least five times in this movie. Taki is also in Just the Two of Us, so she is a member of our Pittstop Productions/Dog Day Pictures family. Yes, Keenon Nikita has renamed his film company. Goodbye Nikia Entertainment/Ocean Gate Films, hello Dog Day Pictures. I think it's fly. I must mention Taki's child, Angela. She is six years old and very bright. She is adorable. She's also a ham, so you know I love her! I tend to have a soft spot for drama queens at any age. It's a tragic flaw. She told me that she's an actress, too. She was Cinderella in a school play. The girl was so sweet I almost got a toothache!

We then left Taki and Angela and went to the home of Jason and Learyn. Rod recorded Jason's sound. Once again, I worked on two movies in one day. We were hoping to get with Keenon and film for Just the Two of Us, but he had paperwork to do. Oh, well, it was still cool. The Survivor is basically wrapped. I can't wait until it's edited and entered in film festivals. Pittstop Productions, baby-The Future of Filmmaking. See us on the web at We are serious, and we are coming out hard. Be easy, readers.


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