Monday, November 28, 2005

Too Much Dressing: The Thanksgiving and Weekend Wrap-Up

My vacation started on Wednesday. I took an extra day off work. Hey, I've got plenty of vacation time, why the hell not? I chilled out, roamed around, and went to the Peabody Place. I saw these guys that were members of a larger group named Transit perform. They played three of my requests: John Mayer's "Your Body is a Wonderland", Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning", and Gavin Degraw's "I Don't Wanna Be". Yes, the hip-hopper listens to Top 40 Radio. Oh, the shame(not really). I then went to the Complex and saw the very talented Will Graves and Soul perform. They are very soulful and funky. Go to and see what he's about. He was backed by a singer named Carmen and a singing duo named Men-Nefer ( It was cool, but it was for Central High alumni. Needless to say, I felt a little out of place.

Thanksgiving: My brother and I rode out to my mama's house. Me and my mom argued (as usual), I chilled out for a few hours and ate some darn good food. Thanks, mama! The family was cool. My cousin Kaci's children have way too much energy, but I guess that's how most kids are. Friday, I rolled around, wasted time, and hung out at the mall. I've become a mallrat in my late 20s. I promise you, I went to the Oak Court Mall on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It's not a pretty sight. And, I ALWAYS buy something!

Saturday: I could have gone to the U of M's last home football game; my man Paul Briggs had an extra ticket. No, I opted to go to a workshop about this one-minute short that Tommy "The future" Kha (Just the Two of Us) was directing. Tommy pulled me into the project. Adam C. and Ben Siler, two Media Co-Op regulars, assisted him. The workshop was cool. Bryan Newcomb and I went to see Ice Harvest. It was a good film, but man, the projectionist was smoking weed or something. At some point, heads were cut off. At other points, the top of the film was under the bottom. I know the Palace on Old Summer Road only costs three dollars from 5PM-6PM, but dang! And then, we thought it was back on track, but it wasn't, because I could see the boom mics in every scene. The film was down too far! I have blasted this establishment before, and I must do so again. I guess I will have to spend more money for better service.

I worked on John Fuess' film at around 10:30 AM. Bryan was there to record footage of me for my documentary, King Indie. We did a closing scene that showed different characters in the neighborhood. Once again, Bryan was an extra. He decided that his name was Billy Bob. My character was already named Willie. Carol Rowland (Dog Me Potluck, Slow Down You're Dating Too Fast) was the mailman, Ms. Carol. I think I might have ticked her off a little bit when I said something like, "I don't have any flubs. I'm always perfect." I was just playing. I'm not that arrogant. Okay, maybe I am, but I said it for laughs. Better luck next time. After that, this guy named Patrick beat me in a fake game of chess. I don't know the first thing about chess. It's movie magic, people. After that, I did my voiceovers. John Fuess said I was talking too fast and easing into my radio voice. My character has voiceovers that open and close the film. I hope I did a good job. John also let me see some of my footage. You hear that, Keenon Nikita? He let me SEE footage. If only every director was so nice. I think the last scene will be shot on Friday at a club on Cooper named Dish. We MAY have a wrap party afterwards. That has yet to be determined. I drove around afterwards, wasted time, hit the mall (again), Burlington Coat Factory and TJ Maxx(again), and eventually wound up at Adam C's house to shoot the one minute short. Shout out to Tommy "The Future" Kha, Adam C., Ben Siler, and my fellow cast members Chuck and a very nice female whose name I have forgotten. I am so sorry. Please don't hate me. I then ended my evening at my boy Shomari's house watching a WWE pay-per-view. Gotta love wrestling. Today, I will support my good buddy Bryan at his artshow. It can't always be about me. 80% of the time, maybe, but not always. Be easy, readers.


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