Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Heartfelt Appreciation

I want to thank my fellow Red West student and AGENT, Forrest Pruett, for a heartfelt acknowledgement on his website. I am touched and honored. Sometimes, I have my little actor fits. Ask Arnita Williams, Rod Pitts, Keenon Nikita, Tommy Kha, Arnold Edwards, Dayna Hinkel, Aaron Jones, and many others. I thought that everybody pretty much thought of me as a goofball actor because I tend to play comedy relief a lot. I didn't really think that anyone really grasped how hard I worked or took me serious as an actor. It was bugging me. Man, I be trippin' sometimes! I am overly sensitive and melodramatic. It makes me a good actor, but not always the best company. I apologize for my multiple tirades and cheese and whine sessions that the aforementioned people have had to endure. Being my friend can be an extreme 50-50. As my good buddy and director of King Indie, Bryan Newcomb, put it, "You're loyal, but you're crazy!" Good old Bryan. I would be a lot more arrogant if he wasn't around to put me in check. Just check out what Forrest had to say about me on his site: (Click on the section labeled What's New)

Wow. I am so grateful for the opportunities and the great experiences that I have had this year. If it all ended tomorrow, I really couldn't complain. This year has been one wild rollercoaster ride. I appreciate it all, even the failures and criticisms, constructive or cruel, because they have made me better. Thank you to the readers of my little blog as well. I know it has evolved from my random musings into the life and times of an independent film actor. To those who could no longer relate, I apologize. To those who joined after my acting took off, I hope I continue to be entertaining. I hope it gets better. Thank you and God bless you all.
Be easy, readers.


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