Friday, December 30, 2005

Movie Night at the Co-Op

Last night, the Media Co-Op had a screening of Bright Sunny South, which was shown at Indie Memphis and has now been selected for the Slamdance Film Festival in 2006. I didn't get the film the first time, but now I think I understand it. I felt as though nothing happened. That was the point. It shows a guy who tries to progress himself, but he is constantly stuck in a rut. Shout out to Andrew Neninger for playing the lead, and shout out to Mrs. Doris, another local Indie Memphis film actor, for playing an administrative assistant with an attitude.

They also showed Ben Siler's Prom Queen, which was very interesting. They kept showing pictures of teenagers with different captions under their faces. It was very riveting, provocative, albeit very anit-Germantown. The revolutionary in me loved it, but the bougie side of me was like, "Hey, what's next, an all-out verbal assault on my beloved Cordova?!" Nevertheless, an entertaining gem. Hopefully, I will work with him in the future. Also, I ran into Chris McCoy of Oddly Buoyant Productions. He wants me to read for a part next month. And, I ran into this guy named Jason Rawlings who is working on a film and he wants me to play some kind of guardian angel type character. Cool, something different. It feels good to have people want me to read. It feels funny but I guess I've earned it. Oh, well, that's later. Today I plan to go home and chill. Be easy, readers.


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