Thursday, December 15, 2005

I'm Back Like I Left Something

M.Sea was a little under the weather, so there was no blogging the last few days. Let's recap the events, shall we?

On Monday, I went back to good old Fayette Ware Comprehensive High School and watched their end of semester play. Dayna Hinkel of Cowboy Up Productions and director exraordinaire Arnold Edwards were there. Dayna was assisting our former drama teacher, Rose Marie Cross. We had her years apart, but once a Kaleidoscope Player, always a Kaleidoscope Player. The play was...okay. Many kids did not know their lines. What's up with that? Back in my day....okay, I am now officially the uncool adult by saying "Back in my day". One girl, Ebony Gray, was phenomenal. I may have to use her in something in the future. It was my first time talking to Mrs. Cross since I was a senior in high school. It was cool. It was also cool to hang with Arnold and Dayna.

Tuesday, even though I was a little sick, I did my voiceovers for John Fuess and Vineet Thapar's untitled feature. Vineet was a great coach. Then, we all went to an open forum at the Media Co-Op. Morgan Fox, Suzy Crashcourse, and another person whose name escapes me talked about production, audition, getting actors focused, and post-production. Good stuff, but I was tired and sleepy. I met a guy named Tim who directed a short called Ants in an Ant Farm. It was shown at Indie Memphis. He seems cool and has a lot of great ideas. I wish that I had given him a card.

Wednesday, I went to see a performance by Latoya Baker-Smith (Just the Two of Us) and her band, Closed Kaption. They rocked! I also met the poet Banta and his sister. They perform spoken word under the name Camp Wisdom. They are also part of Conscious Concepts with Jason Stewart. They had an open mic. I performed "World Outside My Window", my Hurricane Katrina poem. Check the archives, it's on this site. Also, fellow actor/hustler Arnita Williams (Other Side of the Pillow, Slow Down...You're Dating Too Fast) was in attendance to support Latoya, our fellow castmate from Just the Two of Us. My boy Jason Harris also performed. He is a clean yet witty rapper. He did his great song about his beat-up car, "Riding on Size 13s". I told you he was witty. Check out him and the rest of the IMC on Also, members of IMC are performing in a show this Friday at The Vault on 529 South Highland. I plan to be there. Also, the Tunnel Clone and other alternative hip-hop acts will be there. As Jason Stewart said, Memphis is more than just bling-bling, gangsters, and thugs. I've been preaching that since this summer. I was glad for Latoya and Jason.

Tonight, hopefully, my acting class is going to do some karaoke tonight. Good times ahead.
Be easy, readers.


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