Friday, December 16, 2005

Songs in My Heart

I was unsure if Forrest Pruett(Forty Shades of Blue, Delusions) and the rest of my Red West posse would go to our usual karaoke haunt, Flashback's. So, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. My good buddy Bryan Newcomb (Just the Two of Us, Divine Manipulation of the Threads) and I ventured to Wet Willy's to a) satisfy my karaoke fix and b) get more footage for King Indie. The problem is, we started filming way too late in the independent film "season". Most companies wrap up or rest by late Novemeber, early December. We didn't start filming until October 27, which was the day of my first premiere, Dollars and Signs, directed by Brandon Hutchison (Peace BH!). Well, I braved the smoky confines of Wet Willie's and performed two songs, "Fabulous", by Jaheim. For the uninformed out there, that's a very inspirational R&B song. My next number was "Come Together" by the Beatles. The crowd was somewhat receptive. My good Buddy Rod Pitts ( told me to document the dry spell because that's part of being an actor as well. Well, in lieu of me sitting on my bum watching Beat Street, I decided to document my other interests, such as poetry and karaoke. After I dropped Bryan off, I decided to roll by Flashback's and see if the gang was in da house. I saw Joseph B. Smith (Slow Down You're Dating Too Fast, Delusions) and fellow student Lina about to enter the joint, so I soon followed behind them. Forrest and other Flashback's regulars were there. Okay, apology time. I called Forrest Pruett a "pillar of consistency" for always performing Queensryche. I think he boycotted the song last night. Sorry, man. I was just joshin' ya! I like "Silent Lucidity". Of course, I had never heard it before I started doing karaoke with you guys, but it's cool. Forrest also performed some Nickelback, I think. Joe did the Smoky and the Bandit theme song, "Eastbound and Down". That was great! Lina did "Bette Davis Eyes". It was a packed house. Later, Joe and I reprised our duet of "Nuttin' But a G. Thang". I think Joe enjoyed my profane ad-libs. Sorry, God, sorry, mom, I was in character! As usual, I was M. Dre and he was Joe Doggy Dogg. I had to cut out after that because I was tired and I have a full day ahead of me.

On today's plate, I have work, an audition, and (God, I hope) filming scenes from Just the Two of Us. Man, I am tired! I may not take on as many projects next year. Balance is important for more than just gymnastics, let me tell you. Oh, well, that's the nature of the business...if you wanna be in pictures, you gotta put in da woik (work). I said I would sleep in December; let's try January, January would be cool. Be easy, readers.

PS Why am I in such an old school music mood lately? I purchased a used copy of Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam's first album, and now I am bumping Janet Jackson's greatest hits. Man, I'm getting old and jaded. And I'm still in my twenties! Go figure.


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