Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bloggers United

I went to the Blogger Bash at Quetzal's. It was a nice event. I apologize because I do not remember all the names of the people, but I enjoyed meeting you all. Paul Ryburn, a blogger who mainly talks about his escapades in downtown Memphis, taught a computer class that I attended at the University of Memphis. As late comedian and creator of Bebe's Kids, Robin Harris, would say, "Small world, small world". I also met Rachel, who has a blog called Pulpfaction ( She goes to several different events. She seemed cool. We all spoke on how it seems like you become this character on your blog and the pressure to maintain that character so as not to offend your regular viewers. Boy, could I relate! I met several interesting people and, again, if I don't say your name, just know that I remember our conversations. I am horrible with names. Of course, one of our more well-known bloggers was there; your friend and mine, Jon Sparks ( We chatted about acting (of course), parties, and his idea for a karaoke duet. We'll probably have to spring that one on you guys next year. I plan to dip in and out of the actor party tonight. I will go and converse with my fellow thespians for a short spell, but I REALLY feel obligated to also support my friends in the Iron Mic Coalition (, who are also having a holiday concert tonight at Precious Cargo. I will TRY to make both events, I think this dual lifestyle of working a full-time job and working on all these movies is taking its toll on me; I wonder if this is how Superman feels. Okay, that was a corny joke, but c'mon, I'm a geek, you knew there had to be a pop culture reference in this post somewhere. I will be sociable and support everybody, but after Christmas, this (Memphis) Grizzly needs to hibernate. Oh, well, at any rate, I will see people for probably the last time this year. My actor family is cool. Indie Memphis, baby! Who messing with us! Sorry, had to sound off for my people real quick. Oh, well, back to work, I am now checking the 50 CDs I burnt yesterday for sound quality. Yay! Oh joy! Let me stop, some people are unemployed right now..of course, some people are living off their rich uncles, too. I will suck it up and do it. Hey, it's better than begging for change off the expressway. I guess. Not that I've tried it, or anything. Okay, I'm rambling (shocker!), I will now take my leave, dear readers. Be easy, and live your dreams.


At 1:53 PM, Blogger Jeremy said...

Now I really hate missing this thing, but I'm in a computer class all week. If I had known I knew someone there I would have gone.
How're you doing Markus? This is Jeremy from the BSU. :)

At 2:56 PM, Blogger M.Sea said...

What's up, Jeremy? Good to hear from you, man.


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