Monday, December 19, 2005

Can I Get a Minute? The Weekend Wrap-up

On Friday, my recent illness was getting to me. I decided to not assist Keenon and Rod in filming. I hate that, because they filmed with Sarah Ewell (Shutter, Delusions). I think she is a phenomenal actress. I like to see her in action. I also didn't go to this hip-hop concert that my friends perfomed at. I had to take a recovery day, and I was trying to make sure that I would be ready for Saturday, which was my good buddy Paul "P-Dub" West's graduation.

Saturday, I rolled over to my good friend Denna Greer's (What Goes Around) house. I rolled in her brother-in-law's SUV. We were also joined by her sister, Lois, our homie Donovan, and Lois' daughter, Reca. Denna and P-Dub are a couple, and they were my buddies before the whole indie film craziness that is my life. First, we went to the Pyramid. Then, we learned that the graduation was at the Fed Ex Forum. It was fun, it was long, I joked around to break the monotony. I was like, "Dang! the graduates are like educated roaches! They keep multiplying! Why did so many people have to be so studious?" Yes, that was wrong, but it was a long ceremony, man! Afterwards, we hooked up with Paul and attempted to eat at the Hard Rock. When the wait became unbearable, we migrated to Pat O'Brien's. Donovan and I tasted alligator bites. They taste like chicken. We tripped out and sang songs that were playing in the restaurant and I did my Dusty Rhodes impersonation. You had to be there. Later, we went our separate ways and I shopped at Target and Borders for Christmas gifts. I picked up Rod from the library and we went to Party City. Rod bought boxes, I bought gift bags. I don't wrap presents; it just ain't happening. I dropped Rod off, hung around the Poplar Plaza (mainly in Bookstar) until it was time for David M. Lee's farewell party. David Lee directed Slow Down You're Dating Too Fast! I really wanted to work with him. He seemed like a cool dude. Arnold Edwards was in the place, as was Dayna Hinkle (Fayette County! what!), Bevan Bell (Delusions, Slowdown), his girlfriend Christine, Tiffany Pemberton (Delusions, Slow Down), Forrest Pruett(Forty Shades of Blue, Delusions), and several theater and film actors and coworkers of David's. It was a cool celebration, I guess. It's hard for me to really enjy myself because I don't smoke or drink and I tend to be a little concerned when people get excessively drunk. I guess I'm square. So, after a while, I began feeling sick and a little out of place. Plus, my asthma and prolonged exposure to cigarette smoke doesn't mix. I said my goodbyes and broke out.

Sunday, I helped Bryan run errands. I ran into Keenon Nikita (director, Just the Two of Us), and his daughter, Ashley at Target. I chatted with Keenon about the business. Later, Bryan and I watched a wrestling pay-per-view at my friend Shomari's house.

Today, we should resume filming on Keenon's project. I hope we can finish soon. I hope I can stay focused at this boring-ass job that I really don't want to be at right now. I need a Christmas Break, dammit! Be easy, readers.


At 11:48 AM, Anonymous dana said...

hey markus...sorry i didnt get to hang more wiht you at the party..i had to "babysit" my friend ya know:(
~Dana...see i read your blog hehe


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