Friday, November 18, 2005

Upcoming Production Looking for Crew Members

A Communications Professor from the University of Memphis sent me this posting. I thought any actors or crew members who read my meager blog would benefit:

Gothic South Productions is seeking crew for a 35 mm short film
entitled "Recipe for Raising the Dead," about a young, distraught
housewife who goes to extreme measures to bring her recently
deceased husband back to life.

We'll be shooting in Memphis during the week of Jan 3-Jan 9, 2006

The style and tone of the piece is best described as "Tim Burton directs Desperate Housewives."

Crew positions include:

DP (Must have experience on 35 mm)


2nd AC

Production Designer



Sound Recordist

Boom Operator

Script Supervisor


production assistants

If interested, please contact Carter at


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