Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Lucky Me

So, I attended the Co-Op to hang out, network with local filmmakers, and to plug tonight's screening of The Importance of Being Russell. Some woman comes in with second row tickets to the Grizzlies game, which was already in progress. She offered them up, most people were hesitant. Not I!!! I snagged those suckers, called my good buddy Bryan Newcomb (Divine Manipulation of the Threads, Just the Two of Us), picked him up, and we made haste to the Fed Ex Forum. We arrived by the third half. Very entertaining game. Bryan and I joined with other nearby patrons in our remix to "Whoop Dat Trick" from Hustle and Flow. We changed it to "Whoop Dem Kings". Good times, I tell you. Good times, indeed. I also began heckling former Grizzly Bonzi Wells who was on the Sacramento Kings bench in a rather pimpish pin-striped suit. Bryan advised me to stop, given our proximity to Mr. Wells, and I chilled out. I also saw my former coworker Cedric Gordon. Shout out to Ced. The Grizzlies were triumphant. U of M alumni Antonio Burks also saw some action. Way to go, Burks! Represent that home, baby!!!! It was a beautiful experience. I'll treasure it...until the next time I go, I guess. Man, I thought going to the Co-Op was beneficial, but dang! Your boy hit the jackpot!!!
After a frustrating day of work, that was right on time. I guess that's all for now. Pay attention to the shameless plugs that will follow this passage, and be easy, readers.

Plug Time!!!!

Yes, dear readers, Markus Seaberry has another movie premiere. The title of the latest one is The Importance of Being Russell. It is a redneck comedy of epic proportions. Look for me in a small role as Bubba Dorido, the cranky convenience store clerk. The movie is showing at Malco's Studio on the Square on Wednesday, January 11, at 7:30 PM and 9:45 PM. These are test screenings; the movie is not quite finished. The screenings are FREE! Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend! It's my third actor screening. I am trying to be calm, but I am excited! It's about to be on and poppin, baby! For more info and a peek at the trailer, try this link:

Countdown to Markus Seaberry's next movie premiere:

It's today, Baby!!! Support ya boy!!! Holla back!!! WOOO!!!

Special Notice: The "WOOO!!!" in the preceeding statement is copyright veteran wrestler Ric Flair. All rights reserved.

Support local music!!!

After you see my movie on Wednesday, on Thursday slide on over to the Complex at 704 Madison and support my friend Latoya Baker and her rock band Closed Caption. They opening act is Paul West and his band, which includes the vocalist Thomas Spurlock and other performers. Doors open at 8 PM. The admission is $5.00. If you want to hear some good, homegrown talent, please come out and support these great local acts.


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