Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Movies and Movie Talk

Yesterday, I saw the film Good Night and Good Luck. It was an entertaining reenactment of Edward R. Murrow and the CBS news team's investigation into Senator Joseph McCarthy, who was notorious for calling out so-called "Communists". There was not a lot of action, and most of it involved sitting around, but it was interesting. George Clooney was the director and Murrow's producer, Fred Friendly. Robert Downey, Jr. also shines as a news reporter who is secretly married to a coworker, which was a no-no at CBS back in the day. Pretty good flick.

I also went to the Open Forum discussion at the Media Co-Op. John Fuess and Vineet Thapar were there, as was Tommy "The Future" Kha ( director, Harmless Internet Chain Letter Joke), Andrew Neninger (Bright Sunny South), and Jon W Sparks ( Morgan Fox (director, Blue Citrus Hearts, Away Awake) talked about distribution and soundtracks and overall promotion. Very interesting. I also ran into my good buddy Terrance Jones and his buddy Yin. They want to do a martial arts film and they want me to play the bad guy. Yes, I'm finally a badass! Thank you! They said that I have to exercise and learn some martial arts move. I told them that I'm squeamish and that I'm a bleeder. This may hurt, but sometimes you have to hurt for your craft. Be easy, readers.

PS Welcome actor/hustler Arnta Williams to the blog community. Read the blog and weigh in on your favorite Samuel Jackson movie at I still like Fresh, and so far, I'm alone.


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