Thursday, February 16, 2006

Gettin' My Sing On

I went out to Moffat's last night with Heather, Candace, and Eric Pike. None of my actor crew showed up. My first song was New Editon's "Can You Stand the Rain". I was okay. My next and last song was Tevin Campbell's "Can We Talk". Again, I was okay. I was stressed out from work and in a bit of a funk. Perhaps tonight will be better.

Let's talk about work. Both of our computer labs went down and I'm on my cell phone, wasting up valuable daytime minutes with talking to the Regional IT person in Florida and she has me running all over the place. Not fun! I kept trying to pull the internet back up, and I kept getting rejected. Kinda like my love life. Or, the way I felt in 5th grade when they picked teams for sports. Guess who was left out most of the time? Also, what's up with computers having attitudes? I tried to shut down one computer and I had to give it a reason? How about because I'm superior, you overgrown calculator! I started to leave a nasty comment in the suggestion box like, "I ain't scared of you, you dadgum machine! We can get it on!!" Okay, I am now arguing with inanimate objects. I need a hug. Actually, a hug from a Swedish housemaid/masseuse would be even better. Okay, that didn't sound too needy. I'm depressing myself. Better stop writing. Be easy, readers.

Plug Time!!!!

Old School Pictures is having their movie Act One screened at Studio on the Square starting February 17. Here are the dates and times:

Act One"Malco Studio on the SquareFriday, February 17 - Thursday, February 23 1:25 * 4:40 * 7:25 * 9:45

They will also be showing trailers of upcoming projects from Live From Memphis, Grade One Entertainment, Corduroy Wednesday's Grim Sweeper (I'm an extra in that), and Rusted Sun Films' Divine Manipulation of the Threads (I play a thug in that one).

Also, the 7:25 Friday showing will be a unique "mini-premiere," where you'll have the opportunity to meet members of the cast and crew. Old School Pictures also plans on having an after party at Bosco's (which is basically in the parking lot of the theater), and they encourage you to join them there to round out the night.


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