Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Same As Any Other Night

My Valentine's Day Night consisted of kicking it with my buddy Bryan Newcomb (Divine Manipulation of the Threads, Just the Two of Us). His plans fell through, so we kicked it. We went to Target and he bought a new video camera. King Indie will now resume production. After that , we went to Dixie Cafe and then to the Bartlett 10 to see A History Of Violence. It was good, but I was worn out and I kept falling asleep. Also, director Rod Pitts (The Survivor, What Goes Around) gave me a ring and informed me that I may be shooting my scenes for Spin Cycle Saturday morning. I've been growing my hair out for the role. If I know Rod, he'll also make me shave. They always make me shave! Oh, well, it will be fun to reprise a role. I originated the Film Geek character in Rod's feature-length debut What Goes Around. I've yet to revisit a character. To this day, the film geek is one of my favorite characters, with Tyrone in Arnold Edward II's Third Wheel Date being a close second. I fear being typecast sometimes, but at least it is nice to know that I have a niche, and that niche is goofy, odball characters. Hey, somebody's gotta be the weirdo! I'd love to get the girl once, though. It looks like I may have to write that script. If nothing else, I think my characters are memorable.

Plug Time!!!

Old School Pictures is having their movie Act One screened at Studio on the Square starting February 17. Here are the dates and times:

Act One"Malco Studio on the SquareFriday, February 17 - Thursday, February 23 1:25 * 4:40 * 7:25 * 9:45

They will also be showing trailers of upcoming projects from Live From Memphis, Grade One Entertainment, Corduroy Wednesday's Grim Sweeper (I'm an extra in that), and Rusted Sun Films' Divine Manipulation of the Threads (I play a thug in that one).

Also, the 7:25 Friday showing will be a unique "mini-premiere," where you'll have the opportunity to meet members of the cast and crew. Old School Pictures also plans on having an after party at Bosco's (which is basically in the parking lot of the theater), and they encourage you to join them there to round out the night.


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