Monday, January 23, 2006

You Knew It was coming...another Weekend Wrap-up

Chilled out, stayed at home to rest up for the craziness of the next two days

Went to a casting call for a political satire put on by a group called the Gridiron Association. Very low-key, laid-back. They were drinking Bloody Marys. At 11:00 AM. Boy, have I lived a sheltered life. Very funny script and parody songs. Hopefully, I'll be a part of this show. Afterwards, Bryan Newcomb (Just the Two of Us, Divine Manipulation of the Threads) and I cruised the mall and chilled out. Later, I assisted Rod and Keenon Nikita on a shoot for Just the Two of Us. We filmed at Rod's job (again), and we also shot outside with a newcomer to the Pittstop Productions family, Martina. She was an extra in What Goes Around, and now she is in Just the Two of Us. As always, any occasional estrogen to break up our He-Man Women Hater's Club (Little Rascals rules) is always welcome. It was a pretty quick shoot. Sound men appreciate quick shoots, believe you me. Afterwards, I chilled with Bryan and we went to Perkins and had all-you-can-eat catfish. I've gotta get back on my regimen. My shrinking stomach is suddenly widening again. And we all know what kinds of roles chubby guys (except Paul Giamatti) get: Comic relief. Afterwards, I was tired and went home.

Keenon had scheduled a video shoot but the rain canceled our plans. Keenon, his daughter Ashely, and I had a lunch with the artist and his management team to discuss the particulars of the video. Okay, we ate at Chilis and discussed the video concept inbetween watching football on one TV and the Grizzlies-Wizards game on the other TV. But my first sentence sounded good, right? After that, I bought a birthday present for my good friend and future dictator, Damarico Fowler (, And later, I picked up Bryan and we saw Hoodwinked. Yeah, I saw a cartoon. Get over it. I can't watch arty-farty, high-falutin' Oscar worthy crap all the time. Sometimes, you need a silly film to make you laugh. And laugh I did. Patrick Warburton played the Wolf from the Little Red Riding Hood story, and Glenn Close was the grandmother, but she was an extreme sports junkie. My explanation is not doing it justice, just go see it! After that, I dropped Bryan off and headed home. Admittedly, this weekend was not as thrilling as others, but it was cool. Be easy, readers.


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