Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Audition at the Complex

Hello, loyal blogaholics (or should that be middlemen?), it is your good friend Markus Seaberry with yet another adventurous day in the life of a C-list actor. I went to the Complex, a club on Madison Avenue, to audition for Heist, a feature film that will be directed by Waheed AlQawasmi, who worked on Delusions along with Robert Saba and Bevan Bell. I ran into a woman who was in my group of extras on Black Snake Moan. I also ran into Marcela, who also worked on Delusions. I also ran into Arnita Williams (What Goes Around, Other Side of the Pillow), a fellow PSP (Pittstop Productions) All-Star. I hadn't seen her since she came back from California. We talked about film and IMDB and other important actor stuff. Good to see the "Full Time Hustler" back in the M-town. OF course, being the hustler that she is, she'll be back in La-La Land before we know it. The open call was very basic. We filled out info sheets, left photos, talked to Waheed or his assistant, and we were done. Hopefully, I'll get a callback. I have experience for days! Also, I think most people in the indie film game know that Markus Seaberry's work ethic when it comes to films is second to none. You can count on that like money in the bank.

I would really like to work on some film this week, either Curbside Confessions or Spin Cycle or something. I don't like being inactive for too long. I still have a point to prove and the entertainment world to conquer. I need a camera. Maybe I could start filming shorts during my dry spells. One thing's for sure, though: When it comes to fulfilling my dreams, the only people who can stop me is me, and I don't feel like quitting. Be easy, readers.


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