Monday, September 25, 2006

Rejections, Acceptance, Karaoke, and Good Times: The Weekend Wrap-Up


Got off work, met up with Rod Pitts ( and we dropped off a copy of What Goes Around at the Memphis Flyer offices for review. First, Indie Memphis chose us, and now a review. Not bad for PSP. After that, we went to a crew meeting for Tricks. Rod, crewmember Nia, and director DeAaara Lewis called people, went over the shot list, and discussed the next day's shoot. I moved furniture. DeAara gave me a little heat for "withdrawing" from crew duties to pursue my acting gigs. Hey, I'm an actor first! After that, Rod and I went to Yum's and called it a night.


I attended the Lil' Film Fest 3. This time, it was five-minute shorts about kung-fu. My god buddy Denna Greer (What Goes Around) was there, as was Craig Brewer. I got compliments on my Redd Foxx t-shirt. I was in the short directed by Jon Sparks ( It was entitled "Kung-Fu Fighting: A Literary Improvisation". It was a spoken-word version of Carl Douglas' disco hit "Kung-Fu Fighting". My word was kung-fu. I also bust a cool kung-fu pose. I had to!!! I found out that fellow actors Forrest Pruett (Almost Made), Lina Fritsche (Curbside Confessions), Learyn Wilde (Unholy Passion), and Jason Dancy (The Survivor). Sparky even got actor Jeff Daniels (Dumb and Dumber, RV) to join in on the fun. I was in a (short) film with Jeff Daniels. How cool is that? Unfortunately, we lost. The winner was John Pickle's "Electric Ninja Acid Test". It was funny, and Pickle gave me a role in his redneck epic "The Importance of Being Russell" (Official selection of Indie Memphis Film Fest). Afterwards, Sparky, location scout supreme David Merrill, myself, and others chilled out at Celtic Crossing.
After that, I went to Target (more t-shirt compliments), and then to a party for Josh Pope who was in Eat with me. I met several of his friends, like Michelle. My boy Empee, who is a dope producer/rapper, came through. I chilled out for a minute, but then I made my way to Jordan's and did some karaoke. I performed "Regulate" along with Uncle Ricky, a fellow Fayette County native. Immediately afterwards, I performed Kanyw West's "Golddigger". After that, I called it a night.


I was back at Jordan's for some Ceasar Chicken Salad and karaoke. I performed the Beatles' "Yesterday" and 112's "Come See Me". I went to Borders for a minute, then I went over my buddy Shomari's house and watched a wrestling pay-per-view broadcast.

I got the official word that I will NOT be in "Trick or Treat?" Did everybody read that, all you people who claim that "Markus is in everything"? I didn't get a part!!! The sky is falling, the apocalypse is near....whatever. However, "Grim Sweeper" (which I have a cameo in) was picked for Indie Memphis, as was "Memphis Muck", a 30-minute documentary on Muck Sticky in which there is footage of me at a Muck Sticky concert. That makes seven films at Indie Memphis that I am in. I will announce times as the date draws near. Be easy, readers.


At 8:47 AM, Anonymous Chris McCoy said...

Seven is probably the record. Brett Magdovitz was in five or six movies in 2004, and John Pickle is extremely prolific--Emily Treholm said in the early days of the festival he made half of the local movies. So that's your competition for the all-time Most Valuable Player award. Maybe we can hash it out at the filmmaker's party.


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