Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ho, ho, ho and All That: The Christmas Weekend Wrap-Up


I went to a company Christmas dinner. Good food, good conversation. Surprisingly, I enjoyed myself.


Left the house early to get to Wal-Mart and get a new tire. Next, I went to my comic book store, Comics and Collectibles, to get my weekly stash. Shout out to Ron, Donnie, and Sean of C and C. I also saw the movie We Are Marshall. It was a very touching story about the rebuilding of the Marshall football team after the entire team died in a plane crash. Matthew McConaughey did a pretty good job as the new coach. Matthew Fox (Lost) was solid as an assistant coach who was the only survivor of the previous team. He gave up his seat to go on a recruiting trip. Anthony Mackie (She Hate Me, Half Nelson) shines as an upperclassmen who did not make the trip due to injury and pushes for the football program to be reinstated. Marshall actually got me in the Christmas spirit.


I exchanged gifts with "Angry" Nick Jones at Borders. Shout out to Nick for the Tupac's Greatest Hits CD, Tupac Live at the House of Blues DVD, and the new Dogg Pound CD, Cali is Active. Next, I exchanged presents with Denna Greer (What Goes Around). Shout out to Denna for the Hulk Hogan: The Ultimate Anthology DVD set. It came with a "Hulkamania" t-shirt and a bandana. Yes, I still watch wrestling!!! Get over it!!! After that, I chilled at home, watched my DVD, and watched my brother play WWE Raw vs. Smackdown 2007. I can't seem to push the buttons fast enough and I am out of practice. It was cool to watch my brother play the game. Yep, me and big bro were bonding. It was a modern-day Norman Rockwell painting.

Big Bro and I rolled out to Oakland, TN and celebrated Christmas over my Aunt Mary's new house. I gave my mom her present and my stepfather's present. She told me that she did not bring my presents because they would not fit in there with the kids' stuff (BOOO!), but she told me to get it on her birthday, December 31. I was a little bummed, but it was cool. I gave my cousin Anwar his present, and I chilled with the family. I talked wrestling with my little cousins, trying to stress that not every "injury" is real. Some are, mind you, but not all. And, as usual, me and my cousins debated: Topics included real hip-hop vs. gangsta rap garbage (my words), ghostwriting in hip-hop (having someone write your raps used to be considered taboo, but not anymore), and the merits of Hustle and Flow. My family is always very opinionated. After much food and conversation, Big Bro and I retreated back to "The Dova" (Cordova), where I watched Monday Night Raw and called it a day.

Man, I really need a week of doing nothing, but I am back at work today. I am grateful for the money, but I am fatigued. Oh, well, that's life, I suppose. Be easy, readers!!


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