Friday, December 15, 2006

Slow Week....

I apologize, loyal blog readers, but this has been a bit of a down week. I do have a few random items and more plugging to do, however:

1:Ricky Martin has an Unplugged CD. I find it hard to believe that there were hordes of people saying "Gee, 'Livin' La Vida Loca' and 'She Bangs' would sound really cool with some acoustic guitar". But then again, I could be wrong. I'm seldom wrong, but I'm not perfect...yet.

2:Is there an unwritten rule that there has to be at least one It's a Wonderful Life ripoff every year? Last night, The OC did it. I love The OC, and it was enjoyable, but there's got to be better and more unique spins on Christmas, people!!! Besides, nobody (and I mean NOBODY) is ever touching James Stewart's spin on that character. Although, Conan O'Brien's skit last night where the police gun Jimmy Stewart's character down was kinda a wrong way.

3:Read the gratuitous plug below this and Be Easy, Readers!!!

Plug Time!!!

Live From Memphis™ is announcing the 4th and final round of Li’l Film Fest for 2006. The festival is Saturday, December 16, 2006 at 2pm at the Memphis Digital Arts Co-operative (1000 S. Cooper Memphis, TN 38104).

LFM thanks the Memphis & Shelby County Film & Television Commission for their support of the Li’l Film Fest: Beginning this quarter, they have generously agreed to provide the awards for the festival, including a new “Jury Award” (in addition to the “Audience Choice Award”). That’s right, we now have 2 awards to give away!!

The following is a list of accepted films and filmmakers:

"Happy Artistic Freedom Day" Jon W. Sparks (I'm in this one!!!)
"Hot Wheels Night" C. Scott McCoy
"Help a Heathen Day" Patrick Niedzwiedz
"My Little Gingerbread" Alice McLallen & Will Hendricks
"Rationalization Day" Adam Remsen (this one, too!!)
"Adopt a Freak Day" Byerly, Scalita, & Craig
"Kung Fu Baby vs. Santa Clause" Nick Ross
"George and Martha" Donald Meyers
"25 Feet From Love” Razor Teeth
“Conversion Tactics” Christopher Reyes

The event is free and open to the public; Live From Memphis and the MeDiA Co-op will be accepting donations. Support Local Filmmakers! For More information about the LI’L FILM FEST please visit: or give us a call: 523-9763.

The theme for the fourth Li’l Film Fest is “politically incorrect holidays,” meaning that each film submission must somehow relate to that topic. The winners will each be awarded a $200 cash prize and will also be guaranteed a spot in the next Indie Memphis Film Festival. Additionally, the li'l films must not exceed 5 minutes in length.

Countdown to Markus Seaberry's next film premiere: One Day, Baby!!!


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